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By mookins


Dont worry I havent been arrested although the colour nail polish ive just borrowed from my step daughter i should be !! i have so many things going around my head I just have to get it all down so I can sleep tonight.Im frantically washing and ironing ready for our hoilday and 19 days time. We all go to Clacton in essex for a week in a caravan with Hubbys family. Its a fun,crazy time and do it every year and wouldnt swop it for the world.

I havent been up to much in the garden for a few days resting me lil old knackered knee. So ive just been wandering around hanging out washing and snapping photos, worrying about what has actually turned out to be perfectly normal.

silly really I often now think to myself What on earth did i do before I caught the gardening bug!! I must of had so much spare time on my hands as Im always busy now
if its not weeding or watering, planting or feeding, Im reading or writing or buying and all to do with the garden.

Im learning (trying) to learn latin so I can understand what the names of plants mean and why they are called their particular names. Im forever coming out with snippets of information to whoever listens (not many) about various things Ive picked up. or Il scurry indoors and come out with various books to discover what plants, wildflowers etc Ive found or spotted in the neighbouring gardens. Im hoping that one day (not yet as its all so new) that Il find a flower or shrub that I will be able to say “i know a lot about” so that I can have it everywhere like a partner.

Ive been reading up on Clematis but these are a bit scary for me just now, they seem so delicate will perhaps try next year. Have decided we will defiantly get 2 fruit trees Cherry and plum, but been advised Autumn to be best time for planting, which gives me plenty of time for me to get the areas to tip top condition for them.

will leave you with a couple of pics close to my heart as Im in a sensitive mood and love to share my pics, whilst I go and find my iron covered in cobwebs

love to all
x x x

Cody Leigh- xmas 2008
a month after we moved into our house. Christmas dinner for 8 no carpets, no curtains, garden furniture to sit at….probably the best Christmas in a long while

Cody Leigh- February 2007 5 months old
One of my favourite photos of her.

Our wedding 23rd July 2005-
Lee, Jennie (mookins) and Mookins Mummy
The best thing ive ever done

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Lovely :))

15 Jun, 2009


Very nice blog Mookins. Sounds like life just geta better and better. The very best of luck for the future to you and your family.

15 Jun, 2009


Beautiful Mookins..........

15 Jun, 2009


all good stuff Mookins photo's splendid

15 Jun, 2009


thanks peeps
gettin all emotional now
must have been the wine with dinner

x x x

15 Jun, 2009


LOL :)

15 Jun, 2009


aw Mookins you have such a lovely family

15 Jun, 2009


lovely blog and gorgeous family mookins

15 Jun, 2009


Sounds familiar Mookins once moved house in December and your description brings back memories - as you say tends to put things in perspective as everyone makes allowances ..doesnt stop them coming for Christmas dinner though

15 Jun, 2009


lovely blog mookins. do you still dust the skirting boards and hoover under bed? i dont to busy gardening :o)

15 Jun, 2009


hahahahaha... thats right BB they all still wanted dinner even though we had only just finished all the gloss work, had to keep opening the window so we werent high on the paint fumes
I also have 2 stepchildren Lewis and Lauren but being typical teenagers they hate having photos taken so no recent ones (cant forget them 2 thay are like my own)
sBG i used to clean from top to bottom everyday when we first had the carpets put in (they are cream...eeek!!) ... you can imagine where... I am now same place as you

x x x x

16 Jun, 2009


I shall have to have words with you about Clematis, Mookins!!! LOL. DO TRY one - you'll fall for them, I promise!

Good for you, learning the latin names and so forth. It does help to understand plants more. :-)

Please may I come to Clacton with you? That's where my Grandma lived and we had happy holidays there when I was little! xxx

16 Jun, 2009


Of course you can Spritz, the more the merrier I say,

Although Ive always lived quite close to the beach
I still love spending time on it there too

I dont think you can ever tire of the seaside

cant wait
time to drag out the fake tan and hide lots of white
(I dont do sunbeds)

x x x

17 Jun, 2009


Lovely blog Mookins, the children are beautiful and i loved the Christmas we too moved here just before christmas in 1989!! Best move we ever made, but oh the mess!!!! LOL but somehow it was one of the best Christmasses ever, maybe because it was a mess it didn't matter what anyone did LOL!!

17 Jun, 2009

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