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almost dark....


By mookins


have just been in the greenhouse doing some pricking out, never done this before and thought whilst theres still a bit of light and my helper is in bed Il make a start. so i plugged in my little heater so they didnt get a chill whilst ia transplanted them, eek im not very good at this.

trying to get them out without hearing the roots popping as i havent loosened them enough is heart breaking. I managed to get 4 or 5 shoots out of roughly each of the individual 6 seed tray. came away with 4 pots of Coriander,7 pots of salvia hormonium and 4 pots of caraway from the seed trays. Am quite chuffed, will tackle the rest tomorrow evening.

didnt really know what to do with the copmost left in the seed trays so I put each one in a pot re watered and covered lightly with compost to see if the roots id ripped from the seeds would do anything… waste not want not!!

have decided that my potting bench is too low im leaning over and my back is screaming nearly as loud as the poor roots!!

anyway hubby gave me a shout cos little lady was calling me… did a quick tidy and nipped back in. Once I had read 3 more books and made lots of promises of feeding the local ducks, coco pops for breakfast with daddys big spoon!! ive retired down stairs to the cupboard under the stairs where you guys are. Am now sat here with a hot cupa tea and trying desperatly to read up on my herbs and wildflowers but just cant relax… those poor roots

x x x

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Once I have pricked out my seedlings the left of soil always goes on the flower beds. This is the same for any potting on I do. It all adds to making the soil better in the beds.

23 Apr, 2009


do you find you have things growing from what you had planted in the pots? or do you put it where they are going to go (think that makes sense)

x xx

23 Apr, 2009


Yes, I put used compost on the flower beds.
I wouldn't do so if I thought the compost was full of seeds which might sprout in the wrong place...

Mookins, you've done well with your pricking out..
left to nature they would not all become mature plants...
survival of the fittest...

Good luck with transplanting the remaining seedlings...

23 Apr, 2009


thanks terratoonie.. I havent been told off for doing it wrong phew must be learning something then hehe... makes me feel a bit easier now, will try to relax and read now

x x x

23 Apr, 2009


Never mind practise makes perfect I think most people will admit to being too heavyhanded at first,it would be a good idea to higher your bench if possible though for your sake.......

23 Apr, 2009


I'm one of those gardeners that believes if they want to live they will. Obviously a bit of help like right plant right place etc. but I have recently thrown some soil down that had primulas sown in. Guess what there are 3 little primulas growing that were not around when I first pricked them out. They can stay there and if they grow well I might move them somewhere else.

23 Apr, 2009


I rescued a lettuce yesterday that had germinated from thrown out seed tray compost. Poor little thing was doing its best squashed up against the edge of the path, but it's now with its mates and tucked under a cosy water-bottle cloche. Aaaah!

24 Apr, 2009


You are now a member of a well populated group... the heavy-handed seed starters... I'm sure we all have done the same our first time... I know I did. The sprouts you find later are just a bonus... I found Morning Glory and Coleus both growing in some dumped seed trays! : )

24 Apr, 2009


Oh don't worry Mookins, it's all a matter of practice I believe. It's part of the great tapestry of learning in life! Well, as a gardener anyway, lol!!

You'll never believe this but I picked up a packet of seeds forgetting I had cut the bottom, yep, half the packet of seeds fell on the grass, eeeeek! Guess what I might be picking out in a few weeks? Radishes, lol!!

Still, here's hoping your "roots" will root, (d'oh! smacks head!)

26 Apr, 2009

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