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Grubs up!! and a big sleepy smile


By mookins


its been quite an eventful day. I have been watering my little babies like theres no tomorrow as ive had it drummed into me “water your seeds reguarly”
So far my gardening experience has been a positive one so fingers crossed it stays that way.So anyway Ive just been out and watered them all again and have noticed that one of my runner beans hasnt popped up, once i put my glasses on I actually realized that instead of a little shoot there is a neat little whole and nibbled bits/crumbs!! some little bleep has been in there and sniffered out the bean and had an evening snack!! I wouldnt of minded if it had been nibbling my sprouts (cant stand them) but I love runner beans!!

I had a parcel full of plants posted to me today(one of which I thought was a class B drug cos of the smell) (Nicotinia hehe) from a dear little gem Craftnutter, she really is a little belter.My hubby just bought me a hoe for easter £5.00 from tesco, as hes sick of me moaning about my back and watching me ruin numerous pairs of jeans kneeling in the mud to do the weeding!! (even though i do have numerous kneeling pads)

so alll in all as I looked in my garden this evening and my lights are all working except for one of my Fairy lights I think that its my older sister (who passed many years ago) playing her usual tricks on me just to keep me on my toes. I can quite happily go to bed without worrying about anything (more than usual) with a smile on my face and look forward to tomorrow…which Ive just been told is supposed to absolutely pour with rain!!



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and a happy easter to you too. hope the weather perks up for the bank holiday. i dont like kneeling pads just a fav pair of gardening jeans.

9 Apr, 2009


Enjoy your Easter weekend, Mookings.
You've done some good work today.
Tell hubby, that hoe, hoe, hoe is usually at Christmas, not Easter. Lol.

9 Apr, 2009


I apologise if this is inappropriate. But does anyone remember the couple on Gardeners World who gardened in the nude!!!
We laughed for hours. It would never happen in Yorkshire I can tell you. Far too cold. Sometimes in August I strip down to my donkey jacket!!
Happy Easter.
Keep off the chocolate.

9 Apr, 2009


I guess they didn't grow prickly plants ? :o)

9 Apr, 2009


If I remember correctly they were planting Tulips.
Dont get me wrong their garden was fantastic but I prefer to keep my clothes on, dont want to frighten the horses!!
Sorry, I dont know how I came to this from kneeling pads.
Just my strange trains of thought.

9 Apr, 2009


no clothes whilst gardening? some wildlife could mistake a cosy rabbit hole!!
(tut tut mookins to much fresh air hehe)

Im not keen on kneeling pads either sunburngirl but after nearly 25 years of ballet Im supposed to be extra careful with me old joints, once im down im down for good!
sigh... and still so young x x

9 Apr, 2009


Happy easter Mookins !
The nude couple lived in Malmesbury in Wiltshire. I can't remember their names. I don't think I'll be copying them .

9 Apr, 2009


Lol.Mookins I have visitors in my bottom greenhouse and a couple of weeks back the beggars ate all my red sunflower seeds,I was spitting feathers because less than 2ft away was a bag of bird seed which included sunflower seeds but no they unearthed my red ones and left the kernels laid on top,needless to say I,ve replaced the tray and placed it in other greenhouse...I remember the nude gardeners It was not a pretty sight !!!!!!!..,and my kneeling pads are kept in same place as gloves and yes they stay clean.........Happy Easter...

9 Apr, 2009


Sorry about your runner bean - there's time to plant a few spares though!

I've got similar problems with my knees, I bought some of those gel knee pads that builders use. Not tried them out yet but I think they'll be just what I need, and since they'll be attached to my legs I won't forget to take them with me!

10 Apr, 2009


Nice blog Mookins! Sorry I didn't see this last night, you must have posted it after I'd fallen asleep! And I'd slept for 6 hours during the day too!!!

Naughty nibbler, who was that do you reckon? One GOY member suggested putting cut up soft drink bottles over young shoots. I think that is a fab idea!!! We drink lots of Pepsi, so no problem there! lol!!

Oooooh, you naughty gal! I do use knee-pads, it would just be tooo painful otherwise! I did have a larf tho' at your antics, you're as bad as me!!! I'm sure your late sister was having fun too!!

10 Apr, 2009


Linclass, soooooo sorry about your sunflowers! Birds don't appear to be the brightest things, do they?

10 Apr, 2009


the nibbler I do believe is a mouse as the neighbours said her sunflower seeds also got eaten about 2 weeks ago!! (thanks for the warning!!)

we have been collecting plastic bottles too as like you carftnutter we go through lots of pop etc and my little girl does like to play washing up at the sink (get them trained early hehe) so she washes them(and everything else) at the same time.

Lincslass my goodness your gloves must be with my numerous paris too haha ive tried rubber gloves that they use in hosptials but my hands sweat too much eugh

x x x

10 Apr, 2009


You weren't disappointed on the rain front today. We got in in Essex as well. More tomorrow they say. Why don't you get a pair of knee pads and keep them strapped on while you're in the garden.I garden for a living and have knee pads on abouty 6 or 7 hours a day. Well worth it not to have bad knees!

10 Apr, 2009

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