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seeds on the tree


By mispie


no the tree does not flower at all, and no the seeds don’t smash, matter of fact i tried it and the seeds are hard as bb"s i could not smash them at all

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Um sorry what does this relate to Mispie? Did you ask a question or is it from another blog? In either case you need to post you response into the 'comment' box and post.

Oh and there is only one way you get seeds... the tree flowers! Even if you do not notice the flowers...

31 Oct, 2009


Mg... I think Mispie's blog number one refers to the same tree... with photos posted there. I hope this helps :o)

31 Oct, 2009


Sorry mispie I repeat to for the tree to produce fruit (seed) it HAS to flower. Now those flowers might just have been extremely small and insignificant but they were there.

31 Oct, 2009


Welcome to GoY Mispie :o)

1 Nov, 2009

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