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At the back of our property is a very long line of Leylandii,approximately 35 metres.They serve as a good barrier but .every 3 years need to be trimmed.Ray,60plus, is the man who “does” with the help of his daughter who stands patiently at the foot of the ladder. As you can see from the photos,it is quite a height and in this weather extremely cold.
Many hot drinks are offered but never taken up!!!

I wonder how many more years he will be doing this…..he’s worth his weight in gold.I’m sure many of you have found such reliable help like him.

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I feel for Ray, today, Meadowland.I do gardening for people as well.I must say that although I went out and did one job today, it was so cold(chill wind) that I cried off after one? I have a couple of conifer hedges that I do.Try to do them this time of year or early autumn b4/after birds nest.I bet you get a lovely lot of birds nesting in that!
there's one on our front garden boundary, about 25/30 ft long and that is full of nests each year!!
It's actually in neighbour's gardn and they used to get it done once ever 3 or 4 years but they'd have it done in mid summer when birds nesting.
so, I now do it twice a year to keep it down but b4 it becomes too big a job!!

21 Feb, 2013


Wow that's a big job for a chilly day! Bet it will look fab though when he's finished!

21 Feb, 2013


huge job and defernatly worth his weight in gold, looks lovely to. i use to go gardening with my grandad and cut many hedges with him and he was so tidy and had to be perfect :o))

21 Feb, 2013


He's good to be able to do that every year. I hope he will be able to carry on for a long time.

21 Feb, 2013


Wow I love them but they do get monsterous

21 Feb, 2013


That's some job! You generally find that these older folk (I mean no offence - I'm not really that far away myself) are made of hardy stuff and wouldn't know what to do if they had to give up!
I have an older man who comes in to trim my hedge, it's no where near the size of this - more often than not he will not take any money as I always send him away with a few bits and bobs I have growing in pots - but I do insist and tell him that if he doesn't take it I won't have him back!
We also have an old builder (73) who we call on regularly to do odd jobs - he has been going to retire since 1999, when I first hired him to build an extention! In fact, only today he was up on a neighbours roof doing some work!

21 Feb, 2013


A beautiful hedge, so well looked after, not a job for the faint hearted though....

22 Feb, 2013


That is some huge hedge M. and what a hero Ray is.

24 Feb, 2013


Hello Paulthegard......sorry to be late in answering,have been away for a few days.You are obviously one of these people who are worth their weight in gold.....Ray only cuts it every 3 years.We have come home to find he has done yet another good job.There are many birds who nest in there especially the blackbirds and robins.

He is a hero,GM......must look after him!

Yes,it does seem to be the "older"ones who are so reliable and have their hearts in it Scottish.

25 Feb, 2013

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