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BT Broadband!

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I know that Broadband has nothing to do with gardening, but i though that if anyone uses BT Broadband to access growsonyou, this might be some useful information.
I had seen a leaflet in the post office for Broadband with the post office, it would have been less than i was paying BT for my Broadband and Talk Talk for my telephone.
I phoned BT this morning to ask for a “MAC” code which was required to change, but was talked into staying with BT and changing my telephone back to BT as well. The new monthly price will be £15 for the telephone and £12.99 for Broadband, and they are sending an updated modem which should be faster with Broadband. I was paying approx £17 for the phone with Talk Talk and £ 15.99 a month for BT Broadband.
I think that if i hadn’t contacted Bt i would have gone on paying the expensive price. If anyone else pays £15.99 a month for BT Broadband it may well be worth phoning them to see if you can get a better deal.
Hope this is of use to someone!

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Hi Mark, we are Virgin i think it is suplied via BT - well it was when we signed up to NTL just before the take over. but we have a really good deal, we have all three things comp, phone and cable tv. because of all the ho-har between Sky and Virgin i rang up and complained because we lost certain channels on the tv and we now pay £18 per month for the comp and phone combined and £35 for the Tv and we have every channel going including all movies, sports and on demand services - well worth the phone call! would proberly have cost us double this on sky! but for all of you out there getting ready to give them a call, i think this was just a one off thing because we had joined just before the war started between sky and virgin but still worth ringing!

5 Mar, 2008

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