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Added pictures of Cardiff show


Just over a week ago i went to see Cardiff spring show. I have added the pictures i took there today.
I will have to get myself another camera before the next show – some of the buttons seem to be sticking on my camera (it was 2nd hand when i had it).
The date on all those photos is wrong – they were all taken on 17-4-2009.
The camera wanted to put the month before the day, i fiddled for ages trying to get them the correct way around but the camera wouldn’t have it. The botton seems to be sticking and skipping over what i wanted it to do.
I really enjoyed the show, the first one i’ve visited this year, yet.
I have a ticket for The Malvern spring show, and for Tatton Park show – both before i start to show myself. The first show i hope to show at is Dorrington (if i can get the time off work) then Minsterley, The Shrewsbury Flower Show, Pontesbury and Roden. Fingers crossed that i will have some plants up to standard ready for the shows.
While i was at Cardiff show i came across some compost that i have not seen before – Bracken and sheeps wool! I bought a tub of double strength to mix with some other compost. I will trial a few Begonias on it this year – and if there are some good results i will use it next year. Hopefully as it is an environmentally friendly compost they won’t need to stuff cardboard in it. More fool me i tried a bag of Westlands peat free compost again, and it had lumps of card in it again – so it wasn’t just a dud bag i had last time i tried it. I chucked quite a lot out as it was just lumps of cardboard, but i have put it through a garden sieve and mixed it with some better quality multi purpose compost, hopefully the plants will be ok in it.

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lol sounds like the camera is an import from over was posting your date as we do...we rebelled so much lol standard measures instead of metric, Fahrenheit instead of Celsius and month before day.

29 Apr, 2009


I suppose that if you are used to putting the month before the day it would be just as annoying the other way around. The companies that make the cameras should take into consideration where they are intending to sell the cameras to, and set them the right way around for that place.
I always use Fahrenheit in my greenhouses, and feet and inches. Nothing is more confusing when the plant pots i want are only in CM's when i want a pot i have sized up in inches - I know that Europe tries to dictate that we're not allowed to, but this is Britain / England - Not Brussels. (Not a fan of the EU, I must admit).

29 Apr, 2009

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