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One of the garden centres that i use is on a roundabout on the main A5, if there is a lot of traffic i find that i can get into the garden centre – but can’t get out again because there are two main roads before the entrance, when there’s a gap from the one road the other goes, giving anyone trying to get out of the garden centre no chance! Now i always avoid that centre if there is much traffic.
The other garden centre does not have this problem, and therefore it has been the one i have gone to in heavy traffic – untill now that is: As i was heading there the other day i was surprised to find the road closed, no access to the garden centre. It was closed because there was a football match on, people were coming out of the grounds. Surely the football ground should have had sufficient parking to accomodate it’s visitors without disrupting the rest of the town, and other businesses such as the garden centre. I shall now be looking for another garden centre somewhere else! I think i will let that garden centre know that they have lost my custom as a result of Shrewsbury Town Football Club. whoever gave the planning permission obviously gave no thought to the general public, only to those attending the football match!
Today i have been looking through the growsonyou site, i have been looking at the pictures and think that i will try to keep up with the pictures as they are put on the site as there are so many brilliant pictures being put on the site. I also looked through the members to see if i could see anyone with the same specific interests as i have – I was surprised to spot “Percy Thrower” as he is no longer around, obviously must be someone with the same name but i had to look twice / three times to check i had read it correctly.

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Mark - I suspect the road was closed (on safety gorunds) bcause of the number of pedestrians in the vicinity of the football stadium. But I know it must be a pain. We have some small businesses up in arms here because at weekends, traffic queues to get into the rubbish tip and can't get to them (they are on a cul-de-sac beyond it). Perhaps like us, none of your planners actually live in the town?
I also understand thhe old football ground near the Abbey (which used to flood a lot) has now been redeveloped - I guess the new properties must flood too
What price progress?

13 Jan, 2008


I am doing exactly the same - looking through all the pics. I think the photo gallery is a brilliant and unique record/archive. Many of them literally make my lower jaw drop in amazement, they are stunning!

13 Jan, 2008


Andrewr, I think that it is closed because of safety, but you would think that the planners would have insisted that the football club had suitable access without disrupting the rest of the town. I understand that there is not parking at the ground, other than disabled parking, meaning that anyone parking for football has to park elsewhere and walk causing a bigger problem with the numbers of people walking.
The old football ground has been/is being developed, i don't know how they will get over the flooding, perhaps they will need to build on stilts?
David, as i only really grow Begonias i find it enjoyable to look through other growers pictures and see what they are growing. Many are truely beautiful plants, but i would not have the time or space to grow more than i do meaning this is a way of seeing many wonderful plants!

13 Jan, 2008

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