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Computer today / plants tomorrow


Today i have been trying to change all my details on the computer to all with my email address – I thought it would take about half an hour to an hour at the most. I’ve been at it all day, (sure it would have been quicker if i was better on the computer though), i’m amazed at how many people and companies have my email details.
I decided to move to a different provider, in the meantime i’ve found an email address at google that i have been moving everything to (including GOY). I have also started to use google chrome to use the internet from, it’s laid out a little different to what i was used to which i found confusing at first but now i’m getting used to it i think it’s much easier – and the best thing is nearly all of the screen is free for what i want to look at, rather than abiut one third of the screen taken up with toolbars that i didn’t use anyway, Brilliant.
Now tomorrow i will go out to the greenhouses and take away any leaves that have dropped off my plants, and see how the cuttings are doing. I think the heat will need to be lowered in there soon, i shall keep it up for as long as possible, but once they are going down the temp. may as well be turned down the same as the main plants.

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I don't understand exactly what you've done on your computer, Mark, but my husband spent ages on the PC recently changing his e-mail address and - provider?? to google mail - he's very pleased with it.

I hope all is well in your greenhouse - the forecast isn't too good, is it?

18 Nov, 2008


Well Mark you re not alone in taking a while to master things with a computer.Certain items reluctant to touch for fear of losing info deleting items etc.

Cant bring myself to buy anything over Internet just do not trust my details are fully secure despite assurances.

Google chrome sounds interesting but may need some assistance to programme properly .Good luck with the greenhouse work think the forecast is looking bleak for later in the week so may be the ideal opportunity.

18 Nov, 2008


Well I'd rather be in the green house than fiddling with some contraption I don't understand. lol

18 Nov, 2008


You dont do so bad Hywel - or we d never see your photos or hear from you !

18 Nov, 2008



18 Nov, 2008


Bomkers: I know there are some bad stories out there about purchasing from companies over the internet, but we've been doing it for years - CDs, DVDs, books, clothes, appliances - and we've not come a cropper yet! Give it a try. Go on!

19 Nov, 2008


Nariz, I have ordered things over the computer, mainly plants but some CD's and DVD's - I have not had a problem with this, yet. I find that the most worrying thing is when i get false emails that are not from who they say they are from, they are from crooks trying to get information or putting a virus into the computer.
This morning i sent one of these emails to for them to look into, they acknowledged that they'd received it. I think that sending them these emails helps them tackle the fraud (but i don't understand all the correct words for this, or exactly how it all works).
Sounds as if it's going very cold and windy towards the weekend, don't like cold winds when they blow right through you (if you know what i mean).

19 Nov, 2008


Hi Mark,
Hope all is well. It's amazing how email addresses are exchanged via companies etc. I suspect some of them pay a fee in order to obtain the details, as I sometimes get personalised messages and I wonder how the companies have obtained my email address in the first place.I think its a similar situation to the companies who phone and they also know your name.I had a phone call early last evening from a company selling home insurance and they knew my first name and surname and address! Its very intrusive.

19 Nov, 2008


I think you are correct Grenville, many that i receive are from companies i've never even heard of, certainly not contacted them.I do puzzle over how the crooks get my email address, they have evidently picked it up from somewhere, hopefully i'll get less of these false emails once my old email address is closed down - haven't had any at google's email address, yet.
I, personaly, feel more uncomfortable when i get phone calls from strangers and people trying to sell me things than i do on the computer. On the computer i can just delete what i don't want to see - I suppose i could just hang up the phone, but i don't like to do that.
I had a phone call from BT who i have my phone and internet from, they talked me into a BT TV Broadband. As i put the phone down i was thinking that i'd agreed to something i really didn't want. I phoned up the next day to cancel. Received details through the post and phoned again only to find they hadn't cancelled, so asked them to cancel again. Now i've had a bill for £10. That's when i decided to leave BT. Last time i tried to leave them they talked me into staying with them, not this time though.

19 Nov, 2008


You know you are going on about how your email address , well my landline phone number is x directory, but it's supprising how many different firms ring me up and they even know my name.

19 Nov, 2008


And me, Clarice, we are ex-directory too - but still get calls.

Mark - I have got to the stage when I just say 'No thanks' and put the phone down! As you say, the salesmen can be persuasive and it's hard to cancel later.

BB - I do buy items via the internet and find it a very useful service! As we are so rural, it's very useful sometimes. You just have to be on a secure site, then you know all will be well.

19 Nov, 2008


My phone is ex-directory too, that's why i am puzzled by how many calls i get from people i don't know. I know that BT will know me as i am, or have been a customer.
I think i am going to have to take on that tip of saying "No Thanks" without letting them start to talk me into anything.

19 Nov, 2008


If it's not kitchens, it's double glazing, insurance, free holidays, you name it! HOW do they get our numbers? I don't even answer the phone with the number -
I say 'Hallo' and that's all.

19 Nov, 2008


When they start calling try saying Que ? Pour favor ?

With apologies to Aleyna if they coming from Brazilian call centres.Another tip if you dont recognise the number dont speak as the recordings are voice activated when you say hello.

Wait for them or it to speak as often line will go dead if you dont acknowledge.

My pet hate phoning me then asking who they are speaking to.The phone goes into melt down if anyone does that ! You ring me and ask whos there ? What !!

You cold call to ask my name then try and sell something - go ballistic it really is very satisfying and theraputic they dont call back.

19 Nov, 2008


My partner had a very clever way of getting rid of these people once and for all! If someone called tring to sell insurance or whatever he'd start by sounding friendly - exchanging first names etc, (not necessarily the correct name!) then as the caller launched into his reason for the call my partner would change the conversation around and start trying to sell "whatever" to the caller, who would then back out rather quickly and never be heard from again. I know we don't all have the "gift of the gab" but if you can sound convincing - it works!

20 Nov, 2008


Oh Nariz, I love it!!
Now, if only I had the 'gift of the gab' .....
I am sure that idea will appeal to my partner too.

23 Nov, 2008

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