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Garden Blues


By marion1


I wish I could drum up some enthusiam for my garden this year…. It usually glorious by now but everything still seems so barren and it does not seem to be thriving despite all of my best efforts. I dont know whats wrong with it perhaps its feeling unloved or something…

I planted a new clematis last week, it was a hybrid and within a few days it has completely wilted so I have had to cut it down today. My heleniums all £270 worth of them dont seem to be coming back this year so I think they are dead too. My cat insists on using the toilet in my borders on my new plants and the slugs have already eaten a few of my new plants.

The only thing different which I have done this year is add some some grow more to the soil, I have never done that before so maybe thats the problem.

On a positive note my wisterias all 3 of them have buds on but they are going to look a bit lost on there own… and I got some lovely outdoor fairy lights to twine round my montanna which looks nice.

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Dont give up Marion, I think we all feel the same, Some of my Daffs are just flowering! Its the weather thats messing our growing season up. Plants that usually have ther new Leave's by now are just stood still in time, (to many to name) I honestly have no new growth, I went to throw out 6 pots of ricinus from my windowsill 2 weeks ago when i noticed tiny green shoots (phew) they are growing nicely (if slowly) now :)
the growmore you used has nothing to do with lack of growth in your garden.
Dont give up on your Heleniums, they are hardy perrenials so they will be popping up soon...

4 May, 2013


Do you have clay soil ?. Its too cold for even some hardy plants. We dont have Zones here, it might be more helpful if we did. In America it is illegal to sell plants out of Zone.
I have mine in pots, but must protect them from the winter next November by moving the pots into rows on the Container Garden and covering with fleece under netting cloches I am bringing up from the allotment. This area is very windy, the North winds have come straight across the playing field several times this winter, for days on end. Must be more thoughtful next Autumn. I did cover my Alpines with old sacking, and they loved it. They are hardy but dont like being wet and cold.

5 May, 2013


No, don't give up. I must be in your area, and there are some plants/shrubs in my garden which are only just showing tiny signs of life.

Yesterday I spotted teeny shoots where I had three lovely Echinaceas last year...and my Clem. montana, which are normally in full bloom are only in bud at the moment. I think we're about 4 weeks behind this year. Chin up - keep looking and I'm sure you'll find signs of new life in your garden too.

P.S. watch out for slugs and snails when the Heleniums are little tasty shoots!

5 May, 2013


I agree, the extended winter means Spring has only just sprung. Usually the garden bursts into life in April and by May colour is plentiful, but this year Spring may well extend into June! Take heart, don't give up, even that clematis may surprise you with fresh young shoots. I have had a similar experience with a loganberry cane which I planted recently, but I shall leave it alone, trust in Nature and cross my fingers tightly. ;-)

5 May, 2013


Thanks for your encouragement, I will try and be more positive, I love my garden and will keep everything crossed.

5 May, 2013

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