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By marion1


Oh dear, I have been working in my garden for the last 2 days and I have developed chillblanes on my little toes, they are driving me nuts, nuts and more nuts. I have rubbed chillblane cream on them but its not working, does anyone have any super remedies they can share? I have read that if you walk barefoot in the snow they will go but I dont have any snow, I wonder if I stick my feet in a bag of ice that it will have the same effect..

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what ever you do don't put them into ice. They need to be kept warm in socks etc. Don't put your feet on radiators/hotwater bottles, hot bath etc, to warm them quickly. I cant remember the mechanics of chillblanes but the above was the advice my gp gave me when I got them last year. Other than that no effective treatment she said.

7 Apr, 2013


Yes remember my late Dad less him he uses top say go out in the snow.

Never tried it as never had chilblains think my brother did.

Chilblains will often get better on their own after one to two weeks if you keep warm. Several creams and lotions are available to treat chilblains. However, there is no clinical evidence that they work and they are not recommended.
If chilblains keep returning, your GP may recommend a drug called nifedipine. This works by relaxing the blood vessels, allowing better circulation.
Read more information about how chilblains are treated.
As treatment is not always effective, it is better to prevent getting chilblains by limiting your exposure to the cold and looking after your feet. Read more about preventing chilblains.
When to see your GP or chiropodist

Redness and itching on the skin of your feet, hands or other extremities are obvious signs that you have chilblains. However, if you are unsure, speak to your GP or chiropodist.
If your chilblains have broken, cracked or become sore, see your GP or chiropodist. Do not scratch the skin as it can break easily and become infected.

7 Apr, 2013


Chilblains are a painful condition, an exaggerated reaction to cold and damp from the blood vessels contracting and then dilating. More comman in cold damp conditions and not in extremely cold countries where the air is dryer.
You need to keep your feet and hands and face warm (yes you can get them in your hands nose and ears too) warm at all times but avoid hot baths and direct heat.
If you do let your feet and hands get too cold you need to warm them slowly to avoid the pain and itching that heating them up too quickly can cause. Also avoid scratching as the skin is delicate and can easily break even become infected although unlikely.

Chilblains affect mostly children or the elderly So there may be I an underlying problem? Such as restricting the circulation or having varicose veins? There is very little in the way of treatment that works - mostly old wives tale! But an underlying cause may be treatable.

7 Apr, 2013


I had them for years until I chanced on the cure. Its
Sanatogen Tonic Wine. Or a good Port wine.
This keeps the whole body warm, gets the circulation working properly.
I start in October, have just a small wine glass every evening at 8 p.m. keeps me warm in bed all night,
end of chilblain problem. Continue until March.
However, DRC is right, remember to keep fingers and toes warm all the time.

8 Apr, 2013


I agree with all the good advice given above..I remember them well as a child...mainly due to playing out in the snow,in thermal socks then..worst thing is to try and warm them up too quickly,even if it sounds logical,and all you want to do at the time..I hope they clear up quickly,as they really are painful,as I remember..maybe as suggested,a visit to your GP or Chiropodist might be a good idea,especially as it sounds as though you haven't suffered with them before..

8 Apr, 2013


In my childhood Bloomer I suffered too, although we always had hand-knitted socks.
My brother worked as a carpenter and he suffered terribly
with chilblains in his hands as he couldnt wear gloves.
But in recent years he had some treatment from GP so might be worth trying now things are better.

8 Apr, 2013


Thank you all for the advice, I am going to try all of th remedies you suggested and hopefully I will get some relief soon!

9 Apr, 2013

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