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Lazy Days!


Well I’m not making a lot of progress right now, the weather is totally insane here! It’s Crowded House weather (4 seasons in one day).
Mind you, Ive had a sore back so have been taking it easy anyway! I took a couple of pics of Smudge ignoring the bird table, & showing where I want my path. I also took some really bad pics of the flowers I picked, sorry guys its definitely a puzzle!!

These birds don’t care about the cat!

Smudge just having a bath…….. birds? What birds????

A gravel path with stepping stones leading to the gate, I think.

Here we go, guess the flower time!

Hope these aren’t too obvious, or I’ll really be showing my ignorance!

Enough blethers from me, but my baby holly now has 5 leaves!

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We're getting the same crazy weather here .... i'm sure i ordered night-time rain and not daytime rain !!!!!

The last flower - the white one, looks like a Campanula but not sure about the others.

28 Jul, 2009


You could always dig the slabs in where they lie Madperth , cut round the shape and lift the turf stick em in

28 Jul, 2009


Gravel paths look great but the gravel can play havok with the mower,Maccrimmon idea seem good,i have not tried pics yet not as brave as you

28 Jul, 2009


looking forward to seeing photos of the garden when your path is down should look good

28 Jul, 2009


is looking good madperth, its suprising how quickly it all comes together :o)

28 Jul, 2009


Thanks everyone!
Will take pics as soon as the path's done.
I'll have to dig them in for now,Mac, until I can afford the gravel!
Swanky, go for it! it's not too difficult, but my photography is dire!!

28 Jul, 2009


Great stuff MP. Must be a Celtic thing as only stopped raining today after about 7 years.....LOL!

Did you know that Bridgend in Wales is actually twinned with a Nimbus cloud?

No swanky French village or German town for us, oh no!

Not sure if I need to dig hole for pond now as past week has pretty much made one for us.

I feel paddy fields coming on.....

30 Jul, 2009


I was wondering about that too, I love brown rice!

30 Jul, 2009


Definitely a Celtic thing! Not only were both my parents born in Scotland, but my paternal granddad was from Brynwyn near (now in, I think!) Abergavenny & my dad was brought up there, but my mum's parents were Irish!

31 Jul, 2009

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