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Well, today I attempted to finish off preparing my flower bed, but rain stopped play! It has poured down since 2pm!
Couldn’t get the pics either (took me an hour to find camera) so have spent the day reading up on plants- still clueless!
Mind you, I have realised that the plants I have got so far are pretty ok.
The flower bed is taking a while mainly because it consists of layers of sand, gravel & clay!! I’m digging it about 18" deep & mixing it through, but will need to add loads of compost. My dad was a bit surprised when I rang & asked him to bring me some chicken manure (he keeps poultry) for my compost bin! He should be used to my off-the-wall requests by now!
Hopefully I’ll be able to fill in the big hole in my flower bed tomorrow.

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you should have got dad to bring a spare spade with him , it will be worth it when its finished Mp plant it up and get a photo on if you can .


21 Jul, 2009


Keep digging! That sunds like hard work, getting down that far. You are spot on adding lots of organic material. It will pay dividends later.

I hope you get the photos sorted - and take 'before' and 'after' photos...that's always so interesting!

What plants have you got??

21 Jul, 2009


Ha ha! My dad taught me to be "independent" (i.e. he taught me & my brothers how to do things & never had to do them again himself!). Anyway, the last time I worked with him in a garden he dropped a slab on my foot & broke my toes! Safer to do it myself!
Im feeling quite proud of it already, & slightly possessive! The "you don't want to do that" brigade are already inducing tantrums worthy of any three year old (if only in my head). No, really, I just say "Yes I do!" & walk away.
I cant wait to have it the way I picture it!

21 Jul, 2009


Hi Spritzhenry!
So far I have a couple of climbing roses, 3 lavandula angustifolia, 2 french lavender, a broom that may be dead(!!) a deutzia, a few salvia, sweet peas & geraniums (in their own bed against my shed, willow (ditto, but beside the shed, screening for next summer?) honeysuckle (just rescued from front of house, will see if they cope better here) one rosa mundi which had the most gorgeous screaming pink& white striped flowers,, a small clump of alchemilla mollis and a few that I cant identify, but if the storm clears by tomorrow, I'll take photos & have a whatisit session! Forgot the nightscented stock, virginian stock, sweet peas & nigella that are in pots (seedlings) waiting to be distributed!

21 Jul, 2009


Independence is good in my book and you are obviously eager to get on with it, I fully understand the possessive part as around here I will share home,food,time mostly anything but Do Not ALLOW interference in my garden although I like folk to pass comment,one can get some good ideas that way,well done and eager to see photographs.Lets hope weather picks up for all of us..........

21 Jul, 2009


We just had a fantastic thunderstorm-I love them! Maybe that'll clear the air! Only now my hole in the ground is a mini pond! Hmmmmmmm!
Nah, garden definitely too small!

21 Jul, 2009


hi madperth and welcome to GOY, it all sounds very exciting, i was the same earlier this year starting mine, but knew what i was aiming for and think i have achieved just that, may still change a few things and add some more but thats all part of the learning thing, hope we get to see pics soon, enjoy your garden ,,,,,,,,,,sandra

22 Jul, 2009

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