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first of I am so pleased to have found this wonderful site, its really inspiring to be able to join a community of fellow gardening nuts (my hubby does’nt share my plant passion I’m afraid) It’s a real privalege to be able to take a look into your gardens and to hopefully learn form your expertise.

well there’s not much gardening I can do now, we’re moving house in two weeks time and I’ve taken cuttings and dug up the few plants I can’t bear to leave behind (only a few which I’ve replaced with fillers , honest). Its going to be a major pain moving all my pots ,especially my tomatoes which have turned into 6ft giants!!
But I’ve been making plans and doing lots of research into potentail projects.
This will be my first garden that I can really get my teeth into as we hopefully plan to stay here for many years , my present garden is the size of a postage stamp and we rented before so I could’nt really change much.
We’ve only been here at our current house three years but I have transformed it from a square of grass with a dodgey fir tree to something much better I feel.But size is such a limiting factor.

Anyway plans,
I would love a knot garden with herbs,
a willow den for my young sons to play in,
a vertical green wall like they were showing at Chelsea,
A Japanese themed area,
a pergola or walkway with climbing plants to name but a few……..

I think I’m going to be busy over the next few years….

The garden I’m inheriting already has a large pond with wasterfall , a vegetable plot and a greenhouse ,plus lots of flower beds filled with perenial plants, but I did’nt manage to get a really close view to know specifically whats in there
, on the down side it has some huge sycamore trees at the bottom of the garden that will have to come down eventually I think.
anyway will keep you post and post some “before” pictures once we move in (if I can figure out how to add photo’s by then)

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Hi Mada - a new garden, how exciting.
If you can manage to kerb your enthusiasm to start straight away, it's a good plan to wait and see what you've got (the recommendation is a full year that I know that might be asking a bit much!) That way, you can see what bulbs pop up in spring and what else comes later in the year. Also find which parts of the garden are sun traps, which catch the wind and where snow lingers the longest.
I moved here in July one year, drew up a master plan that winter (of where borders were going to be, the veg beds, the fruit cage, etc) and have been planting it ever since - 24 years!

7 Aug, 2008


Thanks for the advice Andrewr,
I suspect I might have to wait a while since I'll have the house to unpack and settle into ,and i'll be working part time as well as chasing round after two small boys lol.
It might just be a matter of maintainence until the spring, Although I might have to pop some of my plants and cuttings into a holding bed until I know where's best to put them.
In the meantime I might buy some small box plants to grow on for my knot garden ,plus I already have two vertical wall panels to put up when we move .

7 Aug, 2008


Hello Madaboutgardening.
May i wish you all the very best for the future in your new home and just remember that this community will always be here to pick you up if you fall down in the garden.
Cant wait to see some photos of the before garden and who knows the after garden may turn out to be the apple of your eye.............
So once again Welcome to Goy and my very best wishes go out to you and your family.

7 Aug, 2008


Try to plan your garden so that it develops in stages. Big 'flip chart' sized papers can help so that you can make sketches and notes and make lists of the plants that will be suited to each area. You will need to take into account the seasonal interest in your garden and the requirements of the plants, and how they will cope in the different areas.A garden is constantly evolving and changing...... so be prepared for changes as well over time. Our advice is don't rush into the project, and take your time and reflect on your achievements.
Even our tiny garden has changed tremendously over the last four years since we re-modelled it, and there are still big changes that are planned for the future!
Good luck and best wishes.

7 Aug, 2008


Wow! You do have big dreams. This is the place for you. Just looking at the pics can give you lots of ideas and the basic reference on which plants are good where is worth it's weight in airtime. lol You will be using this site a lot.

7 Aug, 2008


best wishes in your new home and welcome to GOY,
im sure you will get loads of helpful advice and ideas on here

7 Aug, 2008


Hallo! Nice to meet you - what a great and exciting change for you to move to a bigger garden! Great fun planning, too, but I do believe you'd be wise not to do too much until you've discovered what little gems you already have! Some you may not like, some may not fit into your plans, but you can always move things around, can't you! Looking forward to seeing your 'before' photos!

7 Aug, 2008


How exciting - a whole new garden to play with! Yes, it'll be great to see some "before" pics as well as finished projects. Keep us posted, please.

7 Aug, 2008


Welcome MAG! Your future sounds pretty home (with pond and greenhouse!!!!! WOW) and starting a new garden (working and two small boys.....Whew!!) You will surely love this friendly....and ooooooh so helpful. Will look forward to your befores and the pics in progress. Enjoy and take a big breath! :)

7 Aug, 2008

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