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Old Yobs


By mad


I have just been re-reading Spritz’s blog about the “50% Sale” and all the comments, and the one from Paulthegardener about the old lady cheating in Morrisons cafe, reminded me of recently when I was in Sainsburys. My attention was drawn to another of these old ladies, by the sawing sound coming from her vicinity. She had selected a head of brocolli and was busy sawing the stem off by rubbing it back and forth on the edge of the plastic crate before weighing it. Another time on a previous occasion I saw an old lady busily removing the stalks from mushrooms she was bagging up, She muttered “I’m not paying for stalks”. On the same day an old couple stood gorging themselves on grapes (unwashed of course). They weren’t trying them out as they were only eating white seedless.
Who says it is the younger generation who are the yobs? No there are plenty of Saga louts about. I’m 74 by the way and I don’t steal.
In the end we all have to pay when the shops raise their prices to cover these kinds of activities.

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Sorry Mad but I think most people are honest regardless of age. I have asked butchers and greengrocers to remove excess I do not wish to pay a premium price for and have never yet been refused.

8 Jan, 2010


I think I would quietly and discreetly mention those sort of behaviours to the supermarket staff if I saw that happening while I was shopping.

8 Jan, 2010


Ooooo I wouldn't dare.

8 Jan, 2010


That is right Drc, because that isn't stealing and if those tradesmen agree then thats good. However whenever I have asked for 'excess' to be removed it is usually done after weighing it.
In the case of the mushrooms Kensington, I spoke to the woman herself, although the deed was done. Hopefully she thought about it next time.

8 Jan, 2010


Saga louts ! What a brilliant phrase - I've never heard that one before Mad. It's definitely going into my dictionary. I must say that supermarket shopping can certainly be an eyeopener, I personally hate it and always get there at 8am when the doors open. Then I get around and out as fast as possible and don't go near the place at the weekend. Mind you, I am turning into a Grumpy Old Man - it's a rite of passage isn't it ? ;-))

8 Jan, 2010


yes ive seen lots to and parents letting their kids eat sweets and cakes then disguarding wrappings, damn cheek, i wouldnt dare to do it, and people taking the free gifts out of packets and boxes to, i once saw a young lad only about 7 or 8 stuffing packs of meat under coat, so doesnt take much to guess who sent him to do that, i felt bad for him but did tell staff, how could parents get there children to do such things ;o((

8 Jan, 2010


I always used to get angry when I bought fish in S*******s and asked for it to be gutted and beheaded and it was always weighed up first then given to me minus the bits I'd paid for, then when I questioned it was told it was that old chestnut - 'company policy.' Now I buy wonderful fresh fish, I'm asked if I want it prepared - which is done with a smile - then I'm asked if I want the pieces. I usually do because they make good stock, but if I don't then the fish is weighed AFTER removing the unwanted pieces. Spain can do it - why can't Britain?

9 Jan, 2010


Mad, you are right...I am that younger generation...but I wouldn't dare to do such things...Never! There are many young and old people in the stores who daring to do...:(( Think, those yobs can be any age...

10 Jan, 2010

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