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Thank You


By louise1


Yesterday i received a wonderful package full of various seeds from a GoY member in Spain.

I remember talking to this member via PMs, but i’m afraid senior moments have taken place and got the better of me and i can’t remember which lovely, generous person sent them and i feel just awful about it.

So that i can say thank you properly, please PM me again if you would :-)

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Pleased to know the seeds arrived safely, Louise, and I'm sure the member's name will come to mind.

Fenclare [Chris] lives in Spain... is that the name ?
...or Nariz... she is another GoY member in Spain... :o)
I hope this helps. !

5 Dec, 2009


It wasn't Nariz, TT and i 'did' think of Fenclare but i just 'cannot' remember :-/
I feel really bad about it.

5 Dec, 2009


Don't feel bad Louise.... I have one or two packets of seeds, which members have kindly sent to me...
...and the accompanying note has only the words...
" seeds as promised "....
...I won't know what they are till they grow and flower..

5 Dec, 2009


Louise you will just have to wait and see if some one reconises your plea lol, best thing to do when your seeds arrive is jot it down, or send pm straight away then you will be able to go back on pm to ask what are the seeds.

5 Dec, 2009


Oops Louise!....can't you look back at archived pm's to see who it was?

5 Dec, 2009


I've been back through 90% of them Alice, i'll carry on later, did it with favourite pictures too and still can't get my memory triggered.

5 Dec, 2009


Oh dear!....its not promising.....will have to hope whoever it was sees your blog and can put your mind at rest. What sort of seed did they know how nosy I

5 Dec, 2009


Lucky you Louise.....How lovely to find seeds in the mail. I hope you are able to find out who sent them. In the meantime......I'm with AA....what did you get? :o)

5 Dec, 2009


Yes...what did you get ? .....please...
and maybe photograph the package for this blog...?
...with your name and address obscured... Lol.

5 Dec, 2009


If you know what seeds they are would be easy to id the flower and who sent it maybe.

5 Dec, 2009


How about Gwenvokes ?

5 Dec, 2009



5 Dec, 2009


The seeds are various colour Clavillia.
I still can't remember though :-/

5 Dec, 2009


8th Nov. Gwenvokes has a photo of Clavillia...
...and you've made comments below the pic :o)

Clavillia Mirabilis Jalapa -
she offers to send you some seeds...

I've put a comment on the photo to make it easier for everyone to find from my Out Box.

5 Dec, 2009


TT ....... you're a star !

I looked at Gwens and Fenclares names and agonised over the two .... i thought it 'had' to be one of them !

My problem is solved :-))

5 Dec, 2009


:o) x

5 Dec, 2009


how lovely to gt seeds from spain louise, glad you now know who from to lol

5 Dec, 2009


Pbew....thats a relief......Isn't our ~TT a clever girl :))))

5 Dec, 2009


It's a bit like me wading thourgh census data just now trying to trace my ancestors. One of my grandmothers had a maiden name of - SMITH!!!
Well, I've managed to trace the Smith's back to about 1794, despite one of them being illegitimate mid-way thourgh the nineteenth century

5 Dec, 2009


Lol, Andrew! At leat Louise hasnt had to search that far!!
I wouldnt attempt to try to trace all mine! Jones is just too common a name!!

6 Dec, 2009


I knew someone of that name once Andrew, perhaps it was one of your relatives? :-) (innocent smile)

7 Dec, 2009


LMAO, Bornagain!

7 Dec, 2009

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