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Last of the Summer Flowers !


By louise1


As seems to be the case when the sun’s out over my garden i’ve taken the camera outside and have shown you what’s still flowering !
Some of them are struggling now and producing smaller weaker flowers but hey … it’s still colour and gives me a little extra ‘summertime’ :-)))

First the back garden …
My favourite Clematis! – still going strong :-)))

Leucothoes with Heuchera, Phormium and Pittosporums


Brachyscombe and Lavenders

Leucothoes, Photinia, Heuchera and Buddha.

Now the front garden …

Painted Lady

Gerbera (Carmine) and Campanula

Nemesia and Campanula

Tatty Echinacea but the colour’s good !




Gerbera ‘pink’



Rudbeckia from Bjs :-)


Verbena rigida


Front end border, shows the variegated Hydrangea

Aswell as the Euphorbia mellifera and Metrosiderous

And the border on the other side of the path, Euphorbia mellifera, Sophora and another Metrosiderous (see where ‘something’ has been scattering earth!)

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Still a lot of colour there Louise, your climatis Lady Diana is doing well lovely blooms

8 Nov, 2009


Wow-you lucky girl!! I love the clematis and gerbera's are another favourite of mine. The buddha is looks gorgeous too, adds a touch of serenity :-)

8 Nov, 2009


Your so lucky Louise, we have a few frost scarred Marigolds and a pelegonium left :~(((
I bet that was a hedgehog, scattering the earth, grabbing a last snack before he goes to sleep!

8 Nov, 2009


Wonderful photos of your pretty garden..
amazing how much is still flowering in the second week of November !
Lovely blog. :o)

8 Nov, 2009


Very nice Louise, there's still plenty of life left in your Autumn garden, and colour. That Clematis looks lovely. I was going to ask what it is but Morgana answered it for me, 'Lady Diana'. Is it one which you cut right back in spring?
Your garden must still be quite full.

8 Nov, 2009


I love the Schitzostylus Louise, such a pretty colour, do you know what variety it is? I have the red one, still flowering well but will definitely look out for this.

8 Nov, 2009


Lovely to see so much, and particularly the butterfly. Am struck by the variegation on your Hydrangea - which one is it? The variegation on the one I had was distinctly white and green, yours looks yellow and green.

8 Nov, 2009


Thank you for all your lovely comments :-))

Mad, that's right, it 'is' Princess Diana - my favourite :-)))
Lily, that Schizostylis is Fenland Daybreak :-)
And Bamboo, it 'is' yellow and green, H macrophylla 'Gold Rush', which has pale pink lacecaps.
I have it to brighten a shadey corner of a north facing border.

8 Nov, 2009


All your hard work this year has paid off Louise....the garden is looking "delicious".....:))))

8 Nov, 2009


Fenland Daybreak....I just got that schizostylis last week!!...well its Fenland something....will have to check.....

8 Nov, 2009


Thanks Alice :-)
The colour of this one is a lovely pink and, it's supposed to flower late - through to December if you're lucky. So i was told !
I would have thought that depended entirely on a mild location though :-/

8 Nov, 2009


Hi Louise! You've made me take a fresh look at my garden and appreciate what there still is in flower, I've stil got some lobelias hanging on and also Morning Glory managing a feeble flower or two - but its just lovely to have some bright colour still.

8 Nov, 2009


All looking great, particularly love the scabiosa, very pretty colours - and those rudbeckias, each flower seems to last for ever.

8 Nov, 2009


Yes, it is Fenland Daybreak...and it is a pretty pink. The reason I got it was 'cos it had 3/4 lovely spikes ready to flower. It will be interesting to see how long it flowers "up here" let you know..:))

8 Nov, 2009


You have quite a lot of colour in your garden yet.

8 Nov, 2009


Wow everythings still blooming in your garden Louise, amazing how plants never give up until they eventually are zapped by the frost!

8 Nov, 2009


you have a lovely display there Louise:)))

9 Nov, 2009


Ah, not the same one then, thanks for info.

9 Nov, 2009


You have some crackin photos there Louise and so much colour still, good for you.
I especially love the Schizostylis.

9 Nov, 2009


You do have some lovely flowers in your garden Louise and its good to see them. My Catanache is still flowering too but its in a place where its not seen at its best. I bought a Schizostylis "Pink Princess" this afternoon and I was pleased to see how well yours is flowering. :o)

Sandra x

11 Nov, 2009


Lovely pictures Louise. I love the Clematis and the Kaffir Lilies! You've obviously been having some late Autumn sunshine recently like us but I think ours is coming to an end after tomorrow.

11 Nov, 2009


Coming to an end, paul? Lucky you, its been horrible here in West London for the last 2 days - wet, dull, overcast, and cold, foggy at night - and all the time you've had sun!

11 Nov, 2009


No, not great last 2 days Bamboo, although we had a little sunshine this morning but looks like tomorrow is going to be very good and a little milder again. After tonight's rain clears. But then wet and windy for a few days, I think.

11 Nov, 2009


Lord, I loathe and detest November.

11 Nov, 2009


Wow Louise, such lovely colours! Your garden must be very sheltered.

I cant believe the gerbera. And I am definately looking for a Lady Diana!

I have bought some new clematis this autumn, I hope to be able to introduce them to everyone next summer.

I expect we live fairly close to each other as the crow (or sea gull) flies.

Terrible weather tonight - I hope our fences stay up and we dont get too flooded. This is where your terraced garden has its benefits!

13 Nov, 2009

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