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October Colours


By louise1


The sun’s out again today and it’s been lovely here.
The temperatures have finally changed though and the front garden’s gone from being an oven-baked area to a much cooler one at midday now and it’s clear that autumn’s arrived.

The perennials aren’t ready to give up just yet and some have still got quite a bit of energy left.

I took the camera out this afternoon and these are some of my favourites.
The Alstroemerias are my Number One but the Pink Dahlia is a very close Second :-))

Dahlia ‘Art Fair’

Dahlia ‘Park Princess’

Alstroemeria ‘Inca Azur’

Alstroemeria ‘Princess Zavina’

Schizostylis ‘Jennifer’

Gerbera Everlast Pink

Aster ‘Tonga’

Aquilegia Winky Blue (should not be flowering now but is)

Achillea ‘Rose Madder’

Coreopsis ‘Sweet Dreams’

Catananche caerulea ‘Bicolor’

Persicaria ‘Donald Lowndes’


Saxifraga ‘Crystal Pink’

Heuchera ‘Caramel’ (back garden)

Part of the pink wave in the front garden, Dahlia, Schizostylis and Anemone

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I'm astounded by that feast of colour. The flowers are so lovely, your garden must look gorgeous and in October. You say the perennials aren't ready to give up just yet, well no, they look in their prime. Wish my garden looked like that in Autumn. Its beautiful.

1 Oct, 2009


What Wonderful Autumn Colours Louise :)

1 Oct, 2009


You have some lovely plants Louise which are still giving you loads of colours to admire, its been nice here again today although the gardens are desperate for a drop of rain,can`t remember the last time we had brown lawns in the autumn,at least it gives us chance to be outside a lot.....

1 Oct, 2009


Still beautiful colours in your garden Louise....wonderful. Love the dahlias (of and that tiny aster is a picture.....they all are :)))))

1 Oct, 2009


Stunning pics, Louise....
you have a beautiful garden :o)

1 Oct, 2009


Thanks everyone, i'm still eeking summer flowers out ;)

1 Oct, 2009


Lovely show Louise, your Alstroemeria are really lovely,did I tell you I lost mine to slugs this year but I have noticed over the last few days that they are coming back. How strange that your Aquilegia is out in flower,when they finished flowering earlier in the season did you cut them down ? or just left them to there own devices.

1 Oct, 2009


Looks lovely, shows what a differance it makes to what part of UK we live in i think.

1 Oct, 2009


WOW! You have some beautiful flowers there. So much still going on in your garden. Lovely!

1 Oct, 2009


Wow, double wow!!!!Louise, gorgeous Dahlia & Alstroemerias
Can not believe the lovely flowers, so is your " blooming a second Flush? I usually cut mine down after the bloom as the become so leggy. I am going & try to put Dahlias in with my Alstroemerias to see if it will sort of fill in when the latter is done.

1 Oct, 2009


Brilliant photos of your lovely plants Louise, you've still got plenty of colour there. The Saxifraga is beautiful, does it have those pink leaves all year or just in Autumn?

1 Oct, 2009


Doon, the Alstroemerias aren't having a second flush, they just seem to have a long flowering season, they should go through until November believe it or not :-))))

Infact the 'only' thing doing something out of the ordinary is that Aquilegia and that shouldn't be in flower until next spring !

1 Oct, 2009


Lily, it keeps that foliage colour and in the autumn has small white flowers, it's the foliage i've got it for though :-)

1 Oct, 2009


Great pics making a lovely blog Louise, Princess zavina is sooo pretty I'm glad you got closer and closer its exactly what I wanted to do seeing the first one, thanks!
You have a lovely show still going strong!

1 Oct, 2009


lovely colours louise Your Dahlia ‘Art Fair’ is perfection what a shame you cant frame it.

1 Oct, 2009


Absolutely beautiful Louise ! Isn't it amazing what this 'Indian Summer' has done for the summer plants ? :-)))

1 Oct, 2009


A big WOW Louise, wonderful blog/plants.

1 Oct, 2009


Wow Louise!

Amazing colours, amazing plants and amazing pics!!

Very impressed :0)

1 Oct, 2009


Great colourful garden. You have some lovely plants.

2 Oct, 2009


they're all quite beautiful Louise :))) I have to say the alstromerias are my favourite ones

2 Oct, 2009


They just love it here Grindle (thankfully!).

I had one in a pot, which i'd been sent a few weeks ago and i didn't think it looked happy there, it wasn't growing as quickly as it should.
So i removed it and planted it out, i saw that it was much too moist in the pot and after 2 days in the ground ..... it had doubled in size :-)
Amazing !

They are the most beautiful plants :-)

2 Oct, 2009


I got 6 plugs in the spring from T&M, hopefully next year I'll know what they look like :)

2 Oct, 2009


Which ones did you get ?

2 Oct, 2009


not sure Louise, it was a mixed bag

3 Oct, 2009


Do you find the Alstoemeria and Persicaria run? too much? just enough? That Inca Azur is the most magenta "blue" I've ever seen! Begged some Schizostylis from my neighbor when I moved in last fall, and it's just starting to bloom out: what a color resonance it makes with the coral pink bobbing next to violet verbena bonariensis and pink gaura: gah-zow! You win the best "gardening through time" award, Louise!

4 Oct, 2009


Thanks Orgratis :-)
The Persicaria has to be controlled because it would love to take over the area so i keep it cut back but the Alstroemeria aren't a problem here, they increase but they're so gorgeous they're welcome to !!!

As for the name Inca Azur .... who names these plants ?? !!!
You're right, it IS magenta !

5 Oct, 2009


Gorgeous photos - love 'em! Thanks for taking them and posting them....I checked on my Alstroemeria and I think the snails ate it. There's ONE little green shoot left! Not trying any more, now - that's it!!

I shall just admire yours instead. :-))

8 Oct, 2009

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