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Black Spot Attack


By louise1


I asked this in the ‘Questions’ section but it got overlooked so i’m hoping that someones might have some ideas for me !

For the past 2 years now my Escallonia ‘Crimson Spire’ hedge has had severe attacks, has dropped 90% of its leaves and gone through the winter looking like a deciduous plant.
It shows the spots in late autumn and drops the leaves continuously until almost bare, young and old leaves are affected.

The neighbour opposite has the very same hedge and it’s not affected at all.

My question is …. how can i prevent this from happening for the 3rd winter running ? (and why isn’t the neighbours hedge affected?)

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Oh Louise, I'm sorry I can't answer your question but it must be awful for you to watch this every year :~((
I'm sure you'll get your answer this time though. Good luck and fingers crossed.

7 Aug, 2009


black spot is a fungal infection. you should be able to buy a suitable fungicide for treating this at the garden centre.
pickup all the dropped leaves but do not compost them as you will infect your compost with the fungal spores.

if you can burn them that is the best option. failing that into the council compost bin or household bin.

7 Aug, 2009


Would you spray it now, before autumn ?
I can see 3 leaves with black spot today and i now fear the worst .... it's obviously getting ready to happen all over again :(((((((

7 Aug, 2009


yes spray now and then follow the instructions as to repeat sprayings.

7 Aug, 2009


You still haviing this problem!!! I would suggest you drench the soil round the plant as well in case the infection is in the soil too....

7 Aug, 2009


That's the general advice in the books I've checked out, too, Louise. Sorry you have this problem - especially surprising where you live, as salty air should be helpful, I would have thought.

8 Aug, 2009


I'm wondering if i've arrested the problem because the number of affected leaves has NOT increased and once it starts it usually just escalates.

I DID spray with a fungicide AND i've been watering them too.
I've sprayed every year and it's not made a scrap of difference so i'm really not sure what's making this slight difference this time but i've got fingers and toes crossed that i don't get another repeat.

Watch this space.

(i've seen several people on here asking this very same question and they've removed all the plants but i'm not going to as the plants always come back beautifully healthy each spring).

22 Aug, 2009

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