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Earwigs !


By louise1


I’ve mentioned several times now that my Clematis Arctic Queen gets her flowers nibbled by something and it’s these little b******
Now …. my Comtesse de Bouchard’s being attacked in the same way !

The leaves aren’t touched, just the flowers and they look full of holes and tears.

I read today that the biggest nibblers of Dahlias and Clematis is Earwigs so i think i know the culprits responsible for ruining my blooms.

No-one else has mentioned this and i’m wondering if i’m the only one ?!
I’m wondering how you stop this from happening ?
And, why aren’t all my Clematis affected, just 1 in the front garden and 1 in the back ?

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Hi Louise, yes my clematis get scoffed by these pests too. Also my honeysuckle. I read somewhere though, that they do more good than harm in the garden, so I have done little to stop them, except rub vaseline on the bottom of the stems of the clematis to trap some as they climb up. Your clematis is beautiful even with the nibbles!!

25 Jul, 2009


Aww Louise, sorry I cant help but I can sympathise :-(

25 Jul, 2009


WOW im shocked i had no idea earwigs were vegitarians, one thing i do know is that they like damp/moist conditions in which to breed jst like the woodlouse that i thought they fed on. Yes i think the vaseline is a good idea but as the saying goes... know your enemy know there weaknesses ;) sorry i couldnt be more helpful. p.

25 Jul, 2009


some of mine have nibbles too, I just assumed it was snails :o

26 Jul, 2009


Sharonbell, i'm going to copy you and do the Vaseline thing too, thanks for that :)

Windy, that's odd because there's no damp or moist parts to my garden, it's the opposite really but i do agree about knowing your enemy ..... :)

You live and learn, eh? !

26 Jul, 2009


I was going to mention the vaseline but Sharonbell beat me to it. I got a strange look in the supermarket the other day when I asked for vaseline; "ordinary or aloe vera" she said....oh its for my dahlias actually says I :))))))))))

26 Jul, 2009



26 Jul, 2009


Perhaps you could try a cane stuck in among the plant with an upturned flowerpot on top stuffed with straw or crumpled paper. They take cover in this during the day when you can shake them out into a bucket of soapy water.

27 Jul, 2009


I'll give it a try Wagger.

27 Jul, 2009

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