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The Colour Of My Garden.


By louise1


I love plants, i enjoy seeing them in all their situations whether contrived or natural, i’m absolutely drawn to them.
I like their forms a lot but its mostly …. colour. Be it a shrub, perennial, annual, leaf, stem or flower …. it’s the colour/colours!

I remember when i was about 12 years old and our family had recently moved house.
The garden there was quite large for a town garden and it was on a slight slope, my mother was the gardener and she quite quickly turned this very ugly untidy ‘outside space’ into an english country garden.
But, the one thing i remember so clearly was her dislike of blue flowers !!!
I remember this whenever i see blue flowers.
I’m always drawn TO them and i remember her loathing of them, it makes me smile to think about it !

The one colour i dislike for my OWN garden is orange, bright Kniphofia orange! No siree !!! Not for me !!!
The orange-yellow of the latest marigolds that i bought last week is fine because they’re so yellowy , the soft orange of the Iris in my collection …. fine because it’s so gentle – but nothing more!

However, as i look around my garden at the MOMENT with a ‘mothers’ eye the one colour that stands out is ….. pink !!!
Lots of different shades and shapes of pink !!!
So i thought i would show you just a few of …. ‘The Colour Of My Garden’ (Part 1)

Heuchera ‘Key Lime Pie with its pretty pink flowers.

Cistus ’Sunset’ and ‘Silver Pink’ with their delicate papery flowers

Dianthus with its vibrance

Azalea ‘Gilbert Mullie’ with its salmony pink blooms

Clementine Rose with its rosy-ness!

Piluu with her gorgeous pinkness!

Saxifraga with its small neat pinkness!

I use a lot of blues to compliment the pink shades and i use the green of shrubs and perennials and all leaves to do the same.

My other favourite colour is bronze.
I have a ‘bronze border’ in which i have 2 Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Purpureum, also Phormium Bronze Baby, Sambucus Nigra ’Black Lace’, Physocarpus Diablo, dark purple Heucheras and brown/bronze grasses.
This is broken up with amber coloured Heucheras at one end and a pink flowering Gypsophila infront of them all so as not to ‘overcook’ the darkness.
These photos though will have to wait, that will be the next installment !

I hope you enjoy my colours :)

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Yes Louise enjoyed all of them,had to smile at your thoughts of your mum and her dislike of blue, my eldest daughter moans every springtime because she feels like that about yellow (and I do love my daffodils),my favourite is green, your bronze border sounds great so waiting for next installment............

8 Jun, 2009


the pinks are gorgeous. i agree with lincslass the bronze sounds tempting too.

8 Jun, 2009


Thats a lovely blog, pretty pinks, my favourite is yellow in the spring and purples now Allium sensation, lavender, verbenas petunias,

8 Jun, 2009


my absolute favousite colour and you have lots

that makes you a star in my book hehe

x x x

9 Jun, 2009


Thanks Mookins, and everyone :)
I didn't include all the pink blooms or i'd have taken up the whole site !!!

9 Jun, 2009


I love, pinks, purples, mauves, blues, creams, whites - and like Geoff Hamilton - a nice vibrant splash of colour (red or orange) to give it a lift.

9 Jun, 2009

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