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Obelisk !


By louise1


I chose one that is 6’ above the ground in the end, i thought the one 3-4’ above would be too short.
I’ve bought Clematis Niobe and planted it to grow through it.

Having assembled it and erected it i’m now thinking it’s actually too large because it looks very tall and very naked where it is, i may well replace it with a 5’ one and put this 6’ one into the front garden (shucks, this means buying another climber for it!

When i look at it, it looks too close to the 2 small steps (within the wall) that lead onto the top lawn and when walking up there your right arm has to be moved into your body or you’d touch the obelisk.
I’m thinking i’ll get the small wigwam one but i noticed on those that the amount that gets pushed into the ground is minimal and therefore, would the wind shift it ?

I’d be very interested to hear from other obelisk owners !!!

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I think the height is perfect Louise and it looks great where it is, can you not move it to the left a bit so you dont touch it as go up the steps?

27 May, 2009


You think the height's okay then? Good !
I'll have another look and play around and see it it would be better slightly to the left of that picture, my thoughts were to tuck it in close to the dry stone wall.

I have just removed a Hypericum (one of the ones that grow to only 3') from this very spot and wanted something more upright and less sprawling in this space next to the wall and above the sleeper (which is masked by the grasses and lavender).

You know, the more i look at it the more it's going to get in the way of arms :(

27 May, 2009


I'd love one of these, can't you just shift it a bit like Daisydee says? It looks great i think but if its in the way you'll just have to swap it and buy another plant.....oh dear what a shame LOL! ;o)

27 May, 2009


My sister's just looked at the picture and says she thinks it looks "too much" and doesn't like it !
Hey ho!

27 May, 2009


Thanks Sewingkilla :)
I'll definately try it a tad to the left and then ...... watch this space (literally!!!)

27 May, 2009


I think it's just right, if you had a smaller one you'd soon wish you'd got the taller one! It'll look lovely with a clematis growing up it.

27 May, 2009


Thanks Madmum :)

27 May, 2009


I like it Louise :) It's just the right size for a clematis, and you'll soon get used to it. You could plant annuals up it as well, like sweetpeas or morning glories, until the clematis covers it...

27 May, 2009


You'll find it won't look short at all once the clematis grows up it.

27 May, 2009


i think its a great size, its only cos its new its so obvious. I think it will look great

x x x

27 May, 2009


I was about to say the same as crazydi, get some morning glories in there along with maybe some beans. It will then look full this year and you can have a harvest.
Size is great

I have several different ones some are home made. They soon blend in as you get used to them.

27 May, 2009


Thank you to all of you, you've reinforced my own thoughts.

I knew how it would look in my minds eye but sometimes when someone else says the opposite you question yourself !

Until Crazydi and Treesandthings suggested it i hadn't thought about using those other plants too ..... but i will, thank you for that aswell :) !

28 May, 2009


I don't have an obelisk but I think yours looks nice. Maybe it won't stand out so much when things have grown over it.

28 May, 2009


I've got to get an obelisk Louise and now I've seen yours I want one even more. Did you buy yours for a garden centre or elsewhere?
Your garden looks great by the way :-)

27 Jun, 2009

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