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Summer's Not Over Yet (Part 1)


By louise1


There’s still so much colour in the garden in the months of September and October, summer in this garden is alive and kicking !

I bought this as S. coccinea ‘Major’ !!!

P. ‘Blackbird’.

P. ‘Karly Rose’.

A. Monch

Nemesia ‘Confetti’

A. Tonga.


A. ‘Aimi’

A. ‘Elvira’

A. ‘Princess Diana’

A. ‘Selina’

A. Inticancha ‘White Pink Heart’

A. Inticancha ‘White Pink Blush’

A. ‘Inca Birdy’

A. Purple Rain’

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Beautiful flowers I bet your garden looks a picture;0) like youe new purchase too, looks delicate and exotic!

21 Sep, 2010


lovely flowers and pics louise, still so much to look at ;o))

21 Sep, 2010


Lovely flowers and photos Louise, looking forward to part 2! Shouldn't the Schitsostylus be red? Mind you I think the white is even lovelier. :o)) I bought 'Fenland Daybreak' last autumn after seeing yours but it very nearly snuffed it over winter and is now still just about a quarter the size it was when I bought it so no flowers this year.

21 Sep, 2010


Absolutely lovely Louise....

21 Sep, 2010


Thanks girls.
Yes Lily, it should be!
I'm letting it stay where it is now, although i 'had' planted it in a place for dark red/pink colours and having white there is not great, but there !
I'm sure the white version should have thinner petals ..... i only found out there 'was' a white version recently, when i googled them !
Hey ho !

21 Sep, 2010


How beautiful, your garden must look a picture with all that colour.

21 Sep, 2010


You've got a very pretty selection, Louise. I can imagine your garden is looking very lively with all these plants blooming.

21 Sep, 2010


Love the alstroemerias, mine have flowered since May and still going strong, will certainly buy some more, love the Princess series.

21 Sep, 2010


Everything looks fantastic, so much colour. I bet you don't want winter to come.
I just love Alstroemerias you look to have quiet a selection. Wish I had more room to plant some more, have you any in pots.

21 Sep, 2010


beautiful the alstromeria

21 Sep, 2010


Thanks everyone :-))
All my alstros are in the ground - i forget to water pots and everything i have in a pot dies.
These plants are far, far better left in the ground, they're hardy down to minus whatever-it-is and a 'lot' hardier than you can ever imagine.
Get them through winter by covering them in a very thick covering/mulch, if you're in a colder climate, and they'll be perfectly alright - they're tough plants !
They're great for late colour bbecause they'll flower until the frosts come. Keep cutting them down to the ground and they'll keep coming back :-)))))))))))))))

21 Sep, 2010


It's nice to see such cloourful flowers in mid Sep. It's similar here to Somerset in that summer is not really over until well into November :o)

21 Sep, 2010


Great set of photo's Louise!
That Scizo at the beginning is something else!

21 Sep, 2010


Another lovely collection Louise, what a beautiful garden.

21 Sep, 2010


What a great collection of Alstroemerias you have, Louise! I just had to add this blog to my favourites!

21 Sep, 2010


all beautiful, your Alstros are making me want to plant more LOL

22 Sep, 2010


Thanks Hywel, Meanie, Db, Balcony and Grindle :-)
Meanie, i had a feeling you'd like that one :-))

22 Sep, 2010


Wow! beautiful flowers. I particularly love inca birdy...and you have purple rain too, which is now in my greenhouse getting some tlc to try and keep it flowering!

22 Sep, 2010


Karen, they're hardy up to minus goodness knows what, if you plant it out it'll be fine over winter. Just make sure it's mulched thickly and it'll be quite happy.
If you keep dead stemming these plants after each flowering - cutting them to the ground, they'll produce new stems and flower until November - or first frost.
The ones i cut back about a month ago are up and flowering again - loads of stems.
I'm concerned that by treating it to the greenhouse it won't toughen up :-/

22 Sep, 2010


Oh, do you know, you're probably right Louise. I shall do that. I shall plant it out and take the bull by it's horns....or the plant by it's roots! :) Thanks!

22 Sep, 2010


lovely flowers, the alsto's are so pretty. I have orange king and it is a thug.

22 Sep, 2010


I remember you saying that Seaburngirl, do you have to divide it each year or just rip out the roots and get rid of clumps ?

23 Sep, 2010


Funny you should say that SBG, I bought 2 x 2 litre pots of Golden Delight from a garden centre late in the season at £1.99 per pot - bargain!. They only had sticks showing. Anyway put them in garden, and apart from thinking they had died for first month in April (slugs early breakfast, got up very early one morn to find growth, later in the morn nothing!) they ended up flowering on and on and on...and got bigger and bigger. After 3rd year they had taken over so much I have potted some clumps I cut away. Hope it works.
Also bought three different varieties from a specialist this year and they havent stopped guess they will become thugs too..nice ones tho. Might have another bit of Golden Delight later Louise if you interested...

23 Sep, 2010

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