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Camelia in flower

Added on 13 Apr, 2008 | 1 photo

Species: Camelia jap. Boomniana.

Planted in a very shady spot, this camelia survived the late snow and hail we've had recently in Merseyside!


Grape Hyacinth

Added on 13 Apr, 2008 | 1 photo

In bloom since early March, these beautiful blue flowers are just outside our french doors!


Mysterious bush

Added on 13 Apr, 2008 | 3 photos

Blossom in spring with some small squat apple like fruit in the late summer, but only at the base of the plant (...


Red currant bush

Added on 13 Apr, 2008 | 2 photos

I think this is just an ornamental one, how can you tell?!


Tulip - ruffled

Added on 13 Apr, 2008 | 1 photo

Species: Tulip Black Parrot.

Not long until these are flowering now, seems so long ago that I planted them in Autumn.


Verbena Bonariensis

Added on 1 Jan, 2009 | 1 photo

Genus: Verbena.
Species: Verbena bonariensis.

Bought off ebay in March 08

Planted in April - performed beuatifully. When are you meant to prune them though?