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Destruction of wild bamboo forest started Sep12


By lm_bahr


summer 2012 – before (1)

same view June 2013 – after (2)

Oct 2012 lots of digging & 4 1ton bags of roots (3)

same view June 2013 (4)

tools used – my electrician told that he used a digger for the job (5)

here it was plain manual labour (6)

bamboo roots had gone through the pond lining, dislodged the waterfall head and all stones; everything needed to be dug some 60-70cm deep and every single root chased to its tip sometimes up to 2m from its source (7)

same view June 2013 (8)

I did not dare to have too many days off – only a fool would carry on! (9)

same view June 2013 (10)

trying to make sense of the mess (11)

same view June 2013 (12)

sigh of relief – it’s done (13)

even the plants not wrecked by the evil roots have now woken up (14)

more views (15)

this path used to have bamboo growing through it – some even crawled under the gravel and poked their stems among the flowers (16)

newly planted flowers came out – in spite of the weather (17)

no more bamboo here! (18)

I wanted to include this phlox – my grandfather used to have it in his garden (19)

now the water flows again (20)

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What a wonderful garden and a dire warning to all who think a nice piece of bamboo would be good! (including me). You have certainly worked wonders, I can't understand how you moved all that rock and then got it to look so natural and stunning. Hard work but you must be very proud of what you have achieved. I bet the plants breathed a sigh of relief when it had all gone.

28 Jun, 2013


Wow! What a lot of hard work, but what you have achieved is spectacular. Lovely plants and I love the water flowing over the stones.

28 Jun, 2013


Good grief. I'm worn out looking at you blog! What a lot of hard work, but you now have a gorgeous garden. Well done you!

28 Jun, 2013


Even with a name like hers, if Digginfit is worn out just looking at your photos, what about the rest of us !? haha...

Lovely tranformation, you took quite a task upon yourself. Recently a friend was very proud of how her newly planted bamboo was growing, and offered me some too. I better warn her and politely decline her offer!!

28 Jun, 2013


Thanks for your comments - I thought that you should see how a plant could lovely or a nightmare.

When I started it was SO hard that I thought I'll never get through it...
I don't ever want to see another bamboo...except my neighbour has some 30m of it (various kinds!) growing on the other side....
Perhaps I should try to get an insurance to cover expenses if it will crawl under the fence panels...(he is 'in insurance')...

My advice - if you want to have a bamboo
- put it into a container
- do not prune/cut it
Bamboo can be lovely - need a panda to keep it under control...

28 Jun, 2013


What an amazing transformation! Such a lot of hard work, but well worth it, you have a gorgeous garden now. Hopefully maybe someone will learn from it to take great care where they plant bamboo!

28 Jun, 2013


A big improvement :o)

28 Jun, 2013


Can't imagine how you did it -its lovely. That little stream over the pebbles is fantastic - well done indeed.

28 Jun, 2013


Absolutely fantastic work!

28 Jun, 2013


Remarkable! What a transformation.

29 Jun, 2013

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