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Got some newbies....


By llew


I’ve just bought myself 3 new plants. Gawd knows where I’m going to put them, but couldn’t resist, lol.

I got a POLEMONIUM PURPLE JACOB’S LADDER as I just love the colour of the leaves on this.

A CORNUS KESSELRINGII. Again, love the black stems and the dark leaves.

And an ECHINACEA DOPPELGANGER which looks lovely and as I understand it, is quite hard to get hold of. It won’t get double blooms in the first year though.

I thought I might put the Polemonium and the Echinacea in pots this year as they’re not very big but have no clue where I’m going to put the Cornus. Still, I’m sure I’ll find somewhere. Would the Cornus be alright in a large pot or not?

I actually thought I’d finished all my planting and bits for now, but just realised that I’ve forgotton to plant my spuds. Now, I know what to do as they’re growing, but there’s a few things that I should know, but don’t know.

They’re going into black potato bags, so when I’ve got them in do I have to water them and where is the best place to put the bags. Sun or shade?

Honestly, I thought housework was bad enough, but this gardening lark is never ending isn’t it?

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Hehe! And you thought a housewife's work was never done, lol!!!

Gorgeous plants, I can see why you succumbed! I didn't realise the Echinacea was hard to get hold of, now I want one, lol!!

Yep, water the spuds, and I think they like warmth, but once they flower, they'll need their compost being kept damp all the time. The baby spuds will be growing rapidly so will need loads of water, apparantly. I'm growing them for the first time and in bags too, so I could be a bit wrong somewhere.

3 May, 2009


That makes 2 of us as i'd like one aswell. cant help with veg growing though.

3 May, 2009


I was looking at the normal echinacea with lovely red flowers and then this one popped out at me. Although it says 'rare' and hard to get hold of, there are a few about.

Thanks with the watering tip, CraftN. I knew to water it later on but just didn't know about right at the start. Right, I've been wandering around like a lost soul this aft' with nothing to do, so now I've got an answer I'm off to pot my pot's, lol.

3 May, 2009


Well, that didn't take long, lol.
The kit I got had 3 bags in. One large and two small so I put the 5 tubers from the kit in the big bag and I found 3 spuds in my veg rack with shoots on, so I've put them in one of the small bags. Gotta be worth a try, eh?

Do spuds only come the once? I mean, when we've picked them out, there won't be any more will there?

3 May, 2009


You must have got the same as me Llew i have the same one large bag and 2 smaller ones, i too put the 5 tubers in one bag then wondered if it was too many! Glad you've done the same!! we'll have to compare notes later see who's come through first!

3 May, 2009


New of the World, Sew. I think we said before, lol.
Yep, the competitions on, ha, ha.

The instructions did say 3 tubers, but I figured what the heck, nowt to lose and it IS a fairly large bag. Bit gutted that there was no handles though, lol.

3 May, 2009


I'm sure you'll find a place for all your new plants Llew. I'm always buying plants I don't know where I'm going to put. But I always fin somewhere for them.

3 May, 2009


Well, I hope so, Hywel, 'cause I've just been to T & M and done it again, lol. Oooeeerrrr!!!!!

3 May, 2009

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