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A sowing we will go...tra la, la, la, tra la.


By llew


Well, I bought myself a mini greenhouse, so here’s a pic. I know, I know, not exciting and you’ve all got them, but hey! nothing to blog about if I don’t tell you, lol.

There’s not many seeds in it yet, but it’s a start and I’m sure I’ll find a use for it for other things. I might even hide my millions in it – ha, I wish, lol. There are the seeds I sowed yesterday and also some herb seedlings that I transplanted. Thought I’d get them out of the house and give them a go in here.

Apart from that, there’s not much to say again. Picked a few weeds, dug up a huge tap root from some plant that I dug up before and had started sprouting again.

I’m trying to force myself off the computer to go out and do some hedge trimming. Having bought a trimmer and a garden vac just because of next doors’ mess, I may as well use it, eh?

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Its like mine llew, i grow loads in mine, would be lost without it now, i am taking the cover off now in daytime to harden the plants off.

2 May, 2009


Why cool do nt you love when the all come up I'm haveing so much fun this year I love this area Washington I live now rain rain rain I love it. Have fun planting keep up the good work

2 May, 2009


Well, wouldn't you just know it. I bought a hedgetrimmer tuther day 'cause I'd finally had enough of next doors hedge. Think I may have mentioned it, lol. I told them that I was doing it and they, obviously, were fine with that. Anyway, after I'd cut it all back this afternoon and was cleaning up, the son came round to tell me that they're having a bloke round *this evening* to estimate cost of doing the hedges and Leylandii out back!!! Sods law. I told him, no prob but that I'd bought the trimmer to do the job and he actually offered me some money back for it which I thought was very nice of him. No way gonna take it as I'm sure it'll come in handy and besides, it's another power tool in my collection. (I have a thing about power tools :o)) Gonna leave the leylandi's to the expert though and hopefully they'll be done this next week sometime. I actually thoroughly enjoyed doing it and then got my garden vac out, which I also just bought, to clear up all the loose leaves.

I was very impressed with the garden vac. I've never used one before, but it did a super job.

2 May, 2009


Trying to think what tune fits the title, Llew.

2 May, 2009


Oh, you know it, Wagger. La, la, laaaaaaaaa, tra, la, la, laaaaaa, tra la tra it? That one. Ha, ha.

2 May, 2009


Are they having the Leylandii taken right out? You'll notice a big difference if they do, more space, more light, etc. I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses for your new tools. Like you, I'm a bit power mad too :)

2 May, 2009


Tsk, tsk. I leave all that to helpful husband. I do NOT want to play with power tools, thanks... I prefer my flowers! (the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la)

Sorry - I should have said something nice about your new greenhouse... so I just did! lol.

2 May, 2009


Ha, ha, lol. Spritz. I don't have a hubby any more, and even when I did, I preferred to do my own thing 'cause he was worse than useless, lol. I absolutely love tools, especially power tools. I've got loads of them. <big grin> Tra, la, la.

Gee, no I don't think so. He did say they weren't sure how much to cut, so I suggested down to 6 foot, level with fence would be good. I did add though that I would have no objections if they took the lot out for precisely the reasons you mentioned. I have about 4 foot of wasted bed in front of them where I can't plant anything, although I'm sure there must be something that would grow there.

2 May, 2009


Well done on getting a mini greenhouse, I bought a 2nd one this year, it's amazing what we find to put in them. But also, I'm amazed at how much more the plants grow in them!

Hope you're keeping the cuttings for your compost heap Llew? You need some compensation for doing all that work!

Ornamental grasses do very well in poor soil and dry conditions, if you want to have a look. I just bought a lovely one from a grass specialist (well, several actually!) but this one will grow to 6ft hopefully. It is Stipa Gigantea (Giant feather) It has oat like flowers which are gold turning to golden brown in autumn. Old foliage needs to be removed in early spring. H 2.5m s 1.2m June-Aug.

Let us know what happens! Hope no problems are created for you?!

2 May, 2009


Thanks, CraftN. I might look into those grasses. I think they'd look quite nice behind the shrubs...when the trees are gone, lol.

As for the greenhouse thing, I really don't know what I'm going to put in it. Can you overwinter plants in them that have to be lifted..or store bulbs and such?

2 May, 2009


I've got 3 of them and wouldn't know what to do without them, especially since my greenhouse isn't up yet. I overwinter things in mine like sweet peas sewn in the autumn and cuttings etc.

3 May, 2009


Don't try growing Stipa gigantea in the shade, will you, Cn and Llew - it MUST have sun!

Yes, there are grasses that grow in shade, but most of them prefer it to be damp shade. So look them up before spending money on them, won't you!

3 May, 2009


My bit gets sun, Spritz. The trees are behind the bed that gets all the morning sun, but it's still bright through the rest of the day too. :o) The soil is very, very dry and lifeless though, even the weeds don't grow there. I never have to run my hoe over that bit.

3 May, 2009


Now that would be a challenge for ANY plants! Could you improve it with lots of compost and some manure??

3 May, 2009


Well, once the trees have gone, I can't think of anything else I COULD do, Spritz. I would like to have something at least in the gap.

3 May, 2009


Yeah, funny isn't it, Avis, lol. A bit of plastic and some plants and we're in heaven. :-)

3 May, 2009

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