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A 'Gucci' Sprayer...


By llew


I popped to my local hardware store today for some Fish, Blood and Bone and a new doorbell. Well, they didn’t have any doorbells left, so I came away with my FB&B, a phostrogen feeder, some weed and feed and a 4 litre bottle of path weeder. Well, I’d not seen one of these before and it was reduced from £12.99 to £5.99 so always having an eye for a bargain, I bought one.

It’s battery operated!!!! Fabulous bit of kit. I’ve shed loads of weeds on my drive where the car goes, so I’m out front spraying away and my neighbour cycles past and shouts…“Love your Gucci sprayer”, lol. She’d never seen one before either.

It was so quick and easy and when you’ve done, you just unscrew the gun, pop it back in the holster and put the normal lid back on. I’m sure that when it’s used up you could refill it and use it again. I was well impressed with it, I can tell you, lol. Honestly, the little things that please us, eh? lol.

Bad news is I’ve lost my pruners, sob, sob!! Luckily, I’ve got others, but oh, I did like my red pair. Can’t for the life of me think where they’ve gone. I had them yesterday. I’ve looked everywhere. I can only think that they fell out of my tool tray yesterday out the front and somebody has picked them up in the night.

I was also playing with my roses again. I found one in a corner that I’d stuck in a pot in soil a long time ago and forgot about really. Anyway, today I took lots of the soil out and gave it a good topdressing and some Toprose so hopefully, that’s another one under my belt.

I also took Gilli’s advice with my bare roots that I’d given up on. The roots were still in water, so I took them out, cut all the dead stems and horrible green wax away and sank them in the bucket again. It was quite brutal really as there’s only a couple of inches left on them now, but I figured I had absolutley nothing to lose and may yet, save them. Tomorrow, I’ll plant them somewhere, but it may have to be pots as I’ve pretty much run out of garden space. It’s really not very big, my little space. And actually, when I looked close, (very close) I think I saw a tiny bit of pink popping through on the Lilac Perfume so fingers crossed…please! :o)

So, here’s the Gucci gun for Terra. See, nothing special, but it really is good. The batteries go in the bottom of the gun and it sends out quite a good spray too. You can have it set to single jet too. It’s a Bayer Garden product.

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Sounds like a really fun weeder toy :o)
Are you able to put a photo of this Gucci sprayer on GoY please ?

21 Apr, 2009


Yes, Terra, of course.
I'll go out now armed with torch and flash gun, lol.
It only looks like a normal spray thing though.

21 Apr, 2009


I'll search for your photo in the morning....

21 Apr, 2009


Got it now, I'll add it to the blog post, lol.

21 Apr, 2009


Okay, I'll stay up late, especially for this....

21 Apr, 2009


Ooohhh, I can see it now.
Really good toy...
Is it safe for animals once the spray is dry ???

21 Apr, 2009


It's even got a lock on/off switch on it, pmsl.

Jeez, like a kid in a sweet shop I am, lol.

Yes, safe for animals and children, hun.

21 Apr, 2009


Thanks for all the info.
Good toy... :o)

21 Apr, 2009


They say little things amuse little minds and your blog, and consequential threads, about the weed gun has amused me greatly, hmmmm what does that say about me I wonder? Great story Llew lol

21 Apr, 2009


Good luck on the roses and I'm hoping your pruners turn up for you? If not, I hope the "walker" has a horrid life with its new owner! Lol!

22 Apr, 2009


I hate losing my favourite tools - I do hope you find them. Gucci spray guns? Whatever next?? lol.

22 Apr, 2009

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