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By llew

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I thought I’d tackle my font lawn today. The weeds are horrendous, but as I think I mentioned somewhere else, if I’d put my Verdone on today, I wouldn’t have been able to cut for at least a week and it was so untidy that I thought I’d cut it and tackle the weeds when they start up again.

What a nightmare. Holes, lumps, moss, weeds, cat pooh!!!!! Still, I got it cut and tidied all the edges, so at least it looks like I’m making the effort. The driveway is also a mess, so that’s probably tomorrows task if the weather holds. My main bugbear is next door. He has a deciduous hedge and never does a darned thing with it, so I get hundreds of thousands of his leaves to clear up. Honestly, at the mo, I’m fighting a losing battle. It makes me soooooo mad. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Then I went out the back and had a general hunt around for bugs and more weeds, but not much there at all which I was glad about. I had planted a Skimmia in my garden, but of course, it wasn’t to going to be happy, so today, I lifted that and potted it in some ericaceous compost and placed it in a nice spot.

Next up, I decided to prick out some herb seedlings. My daughter had bought me some little gardens for Christmas and they seem to be doing well. I got fed up quite quickly though, lol. I did some Basil and Parsley which are looking fine, but the poor Coriander are all droopy, lol. I think they’re miserable. Still, I’ll see if they’ve perked up in the morning.

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I spend a lot of time clearing up other people's deciduous leaves, so I sympathise. I grow mostly evergreens myself...

Good luck with your lawn... sprinkling on coarse sand can be quite beneficial and fills up holes etc.

21 Apr, 2009

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