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Busy time in the g'house..


I’m down and dirty again but I’ve had a very enjoyable few hours working in the g’house, needed to have a quick shift around first and clear a space, I needed my spare set of shelving back inside, its a good job they are easy to lift as they’ll be back outside in a few months time…Had to move a few succulent planters and baskets outside so I didn’t knock them over, also took the opportunity to cut back the fuschia’s whilst I was at it, pleased to say they are all showing tiny shoots…
…Last year I sorted my collected seeds, into separate packets, remembering to write the colours as well as the name on my envelopes, if all goes to plan I should know which is which later on…Only time will tell…
Seeds sown…..
Cosmos Daisies, (red, white and pink,)
Rudbekia, (orange/red and yellow ones),
Hollyhocks (pink and red)
Petunia’s (mixed colours)
Antirrhinums (mixed colours..)
Sunflowers Support for the Ukraine Seeds..

Wild Flowers for the Bees.. Gift from my grandchildren last year, too late to sow, bet they think I’ve forgotten all about them… Somewhere I have two of the little Bee Bomb Sacks, they’re in a safe place, extra gifts at xmas, just hope they didn’t get put in with the tree decorations as we did add them to the tree, lol……

Bit of a rush to return the baskets and planters back inside as it turned cold, dark and stormy, tools and compost put away, retreat indoors for a well earned coffee and all we got was a few drops ….

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Well you were really busy, Lincs! Nice to see photos again in the blogs as well! Let's hope they stay put!

I've been cutting back some Geraniums & Pelargoniums that have overwintered on our bedroom windowsill. I got about 50 cuttings!

17 Mar, 2022


Hi David, fingers xx, if they don't stay put I really won't be happy, I took all of them on my mobile, I use Google Images, it is synced to my laptop and transfers them daily, from there I right click on chosen pic and save to images remembering to number them, hey presto !..all went on within minutes, without having to resize..Photo's are still on previous blog but not counting my chickens just yet, also added two into my gallery and plant list...
I saw on the other site how busy you'd been with your cuttings, still haven't figured out how you find room for all of them....

17 Mar, 2022


Not done anything in the garden today except walk round it with Victoria. She is home for a long weekend so she, her sister, future mum in law and I can go wedding dress shopping on Saturday. FMIL is coming for a long weekend from Oxfordshire and staying in the village with her 2 dogs.

You have a great collection of 'plants in waiting' fingers crossed for a bumper amount og germination.

17 Mar, 2022


Spring must be in the air. I, too, have spent two days clearing and sorting the g'house. (Notice I didn't say cleaning...) I'm impressed with the seed sowing you've done, Lincs. I've barely got started as I have so little room. All looking good.

17 Mar, 2022


Wow !! that is going to be an exciting weekend for all for all of you Seaburn, haave a fabulous weekend and enjoy the shopping, I hope you don't have tired feet at the end of it...
I never got to do that,( thankfully as I really don't like that kind of thing, ) my son got married in Cyprus then had a reception a few months later, I did help with that, youngest daughter had planned to go to Kenya, few months before the date they got told the venue had changed, instead of being at a game reserve they were offered a hotel, in a very busy place, nothing that appealed to them, or all money refunded, got married in Gretna Green instead and they also had reception for friends and family a few weeks later...
I collected most of the seeds last year Seaburn so if they don't do well I won't have lost much as regards money but its always a good feeling when they come to fruition...

17 Mar, 2022


Anget the fun will really start when it comes to the pricking out stage, goodness knows where I'll find the space then, I used to use the little leantto that we have on the side of our house but hubby took that over when he retired, grrr..Plus I used to have two g'houses, still don't regret getting rid though as I do love my rose garden area..

17 Mar, 2022


Lovely read, Sue. I'd really love to have a always feels like you are all so busy and escaping the elements and the furore going on, on the outside. A little haven!
I loved to mooch around my grandfather's greenhouses and sheds...the smells, the warmth.. the quiet! Idyllic.
You've been such a busy pair! You'll have a wonderful colourful variety of blooms this year...all looks very neat and very productive too!

18 Mar, 2022


Thankyou Kate, thankfully Derek doesn't interfere as regards the gardening, in fact he has always detested it although he likes to see it looking good, he's been keeping himself busy building and installing extra cupboards, I've lost my worktop in our little leanto, daren't move any plants out there now as they end up getting damaged , completely denies he's the guilty person, the fact they lived there for donkeys year is irrelevant..

18 Mar, 2022


Well, Lincs, today I moved plants out of my little plastic GH & put the 3 trays of cutting in properly & I can now close the door with the zip all the way.

I've put pots of Geraniums in there as well that came from overwintering in the kitchen windowsill. They will get some protection from the lower temps outside as well as protection from strong sunlight till they can acclimatise.

18 Mar, 2022


You have been busy Sue! I miss having my large greenhouse , but only have room for a 6 foot by 2 foot lean- to, one which is secured to the wall. I have to start seeds off in the conservatory , then move them onto the staging in the green house.

19 Mar, 2022

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