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Air plants...


Not sure whether this should be in the questions really but never mind, I’m looking for advice and ideas really !!!
Does anyone grow Air plants ??
if so how do you display them, what containers do you use, also do you use glue to keep them in place, if so what do you use please…
I’m running out of space to add to my indoor plants so decided to give air plants a go as they don’t take up a lot of space or need a lot of attention, I ‘ve got one that I have had for over 15yrs, its glued into a fancy container, would like to try to add to a similar container that is actually a candle holder that I’ve only ever used as an ornament, I know there is info on the web (although I cannot find what glue would be suitable ) but where’s the fun in that..
Unfortunately I cannot add pics of the ones I already have, will keep trying to add those..

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my daughter has them hanging in cups and they are just sitting in them like a cradle. They hang under her kitchen cupboards on cup hooks. she mists them regularly.

4 Mar, 2022


Thanks Seaburn, the new ones I've just bought are at the moment just sitting in a pair of little clogs that my dad bought in France when the war ended, I quite fancy the idea of popping them in some driftwood, I've seen them displayed like that and I actually have a few wonderful shaped pebbles near my pond, some of which already have some grooves that would work perfectly but have no idea what glue is used, I don't want to kill the poor little things...

4 Mar, 2022


I saw my daughter yesterday and looked at hers as she also has some on wood. They are held on with fine nylon line, like fishing line and thin wire on the other one.

6 Mar, 2022


Thanks Seaburn, I know just where there are reels of fishing line, hadn't occurred to me to try using that....

6 Mar, 2022

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