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Weather is silly but the gardens are loving it.....


That is my polite way of putting it…..Honestly it went from the sublime to the ridiculous didn’t it, we had weeks without rain, I came to a full stop in the garden as it was impossible to get a fork in the ground but the met office were correct and it brought the arctic conditions they had predicted, I swear we experienced every seasons weather all in the space of one week which did include the coldest night in over 60yrs and one particular day it was like a hot day in midsummer, very weird ..
Saying that , the garden is happy now its moist, flowers are vibrant, the greenery is lush and the blossom this year is lovely despite those late frosts, which I’m hoping are finished..

Frost did get at my camelia’s but I did get to see a few flowers…

At last I’ve finished digging the long border, planted Phlox, Solidago, Rudbekia, Poppies, Nigella, Aquilegia, Hydranga that I grew from a cutting and Smoke Bush that was not happy in its pot, I always throw seedheads on that side every autumn so could be a few surprises amongst them….The tub you can see at the end of the path contains my new plum tree, its doing well and even had a little display of blossom, don’t want to add it to the garden as I don’t know what killed the other one..I will add edging plants when its time to tidy the spring flowers, the birds are really enjoying grubbing around down there and I’m having to sweep soil back onto the garden every morning…

i’ve gained a new tree, Monkey Puzzle, was in a pot in my sons garden, unfortunately needed to come out of its pot, he didn’t have any room in his garden, has a few brown patches as you can see but since planted it has improved..

Made a start between showers cutting back the hellebores and spent bulbs, I’ll spread my homemade compost before planting my summer flowers, I promised myself I would not sow many seeds this year but that silly notion flew out the window, so I have plenty of plants to fill in the gaps…..

Oh well !!!!.. It keeps me happy, enjoy your gardens folks, whatever the weather….x

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I fully agree, Sue...the weather has been a real mixed bag. One minute it’s glorious sunshine and blue skies, then a shower of drizzling rain appears. As you said, we’ve had a ‘drought’ for weeks and we’ve had the hose out - during the months you wouldn’t expect to be doing this...then rain and the water bits are filling up beautifully!
You’ve a lovely looking collection of Spring flowering bulbs and blooms. That’s a pretty pink camellia, I’m pleased you managed to have some flowers pop, despite the frost. You’ve a lot of growth in the garden, looks appealing for all your birds and insects.
I think your monkey puzzle tree will be a lovely addition, I guess it’ll improve now it’s in the ground.
You’ve a neat perimeter around the pond, lots of pretty planting and ornamental features.
Your greenhouse is looking smart and ready for the next season.. gardening is so addictive isn’t it! Even if we try to cut back on some things, it’s difficult as the enjoyment and process is too fun to stop!
Happy gardening! ☺️

15 May, 2021


Your mixed border is very attractive, Sue....the red tulips pick up the redness of the Red Robin leaves.A friend of mine grew a monkey puzzle tree for many,many eventually reached a height of 20 feet! What a spectacular specimen it was.Hope yours has room.

15 May, 2021


the garden is looking good Lincs. I too say I will grow less from seed but rarely manage it.
I totally agree re the weather, rain sun hail snow even2 weeks ago. I am hoping for a more settled summer too.

16 May, 2021


Yes, “sweeping soil back onto the garden every morning” is exactly what I’m doing too Sue. But the birds are very happy aren’t they?! We’ve got Coal tits and Grest tits for the first time here.

Your garden is looking marvellous 🙂.

16 May, 2021


Lets hope the weather will settle for a while now it seems to have got over itself. The bed in the first photo especially looks really good, and what a splendid group of iris you have! It reminds me of my childhood when Mum used to grow them just that colour. What is the blossom tree - could it be an almond? Isn't it amazing how quickly our gardens change from mostly yellow to lots of blue? What a difference forget me nots make, simple souls as they are....

16 May, 2021


Your garden looks very pretty. I love the irises & the pink blossom tree. Hope the weather settles down soon, not really a good forecast for this week & the week end.

19 May, 2021


You've been busy Sue, your garden is lovely, I see from one pic that you've got lots of Forgetmenots, I also have many more than usual this year.
Good luck with your monkey puzzle tree, they can grow big.
Horrendous weather here yesterday and today too, blowing a gale and torrential rain. I think it's making up for the weeks of dry weather we had in March and April. it can stop now though lol :D

21 May, 2021


Thankyou Kate, its been absolutely horrendous for the last three days, I even had to run down the garden to water in the g'house....

22 May, 2021


Hi M'land, I do have room for the tree thankfully and it has already perked up....

22 May, 2021


Seaburn I'm now considering hibernating for a while, I swear we've gone backwards as regards the weather, saying that I haven't lost anything this time around despite the gales...

22 May, 2021


Sheila I do love the birds, I used to blame my poor dogs for the mess until I actually saw the blackbirds scuffing around one morning, lol....I am thrilled to say we have a Songthrush and a pair of Goldfinches that have returned in the last couple of weeks, not seen for a very long time, still keeping my hopes up for the Greenfinches, the Sparrows disappeared for a number of years and now we have hundreds so there is always hope....

22 May, 2021


Y'lass I'm amazed at the amount of forget me knots I have this year, its a good job I like them, lol..sadly I've lost my Doronicum so now the prominent flowers are blue and white, when the sun returns it will be all colours again as the aquilegia's are just starting....The tree with pink blossom is a Prunus Nigra..ornamental plum, planted in memory of mum, the original Iris were here when we moved in, I thinned them all out last year and they have gone mad as you can see, I have paler blue but they weren't flowering at the time I took the pics...

22 May, 2021


Hello F'few, the weather has been atrocious hasn't it, somebody certainly is not playing ball, its as though we went backwards again, like you I'm still feeling hopeful xx

22 May, 2021


Hello there Hywel, it was the same here, more like Mad March with torrential rainfall, had to move a few pots to protect them from the wind but luckily I've had no breakages, it gave me time indoors to sort out a few cupboards, had enough now though so it can stop misbehaving, I want to be in my garden..
I cannot believe the amount of forget me knots I have, I think it was partly caused because I dug out where my g'house used to be, had to spread all that earth and that is the result, I like them though so don't mind., when they go over I have lots of Sweet Williams at the back of the rose garden, if they do as well I will be delighted..
I think the tree has enough room where it is, certainly likes being free from the pot and has new fresh growth..

22 May, 2021

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