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Pond repair update


Firstly, I would like to say thank you to you lovely people for the feedback on my garden :)

Secondly, I do apologise for not responding sooner. As you know the great British weather is so unpredictable that as soon as it warms up you have to grab every opportunity to get in the garden. So many jobs to get done, it’s never ending! Not that I’m complaining, as there’s nothing I enjoy more that getting stuck in :)

This morning feels more like winter out there so I’m using that as an excuse to catch up on here lol :)

So as I was in the process of writing my previous blog on my new pond, the darned thing sprung a leak thanks to Mr Heron :(

Here’s how it was prior to his visit…

And after his feast :( It went down a further 2/3 inches, the shelf became visible and then we thankfully found two puncture holes where his beak had gone through on the right hand side, just behind the plant pot.

Remaining fish were popped in a bucket whilst Sean emptied the pond by hand, bucket by bucket down the drain conveniently located near the pond.

At this point in the process, the drain cover was left laying on the grass leaving a nice escape root for any sewer rodents daring to show their face. Well it didn’t take long, and I am just thankful that I didn’t see the horror Sean described to me! I was obliviously cleaning out the bird bath with my back to said drain when Sean shouted “Woah look at the size of that!” Then he quickly ran out through the side gate and into the front garden. I followed (slowly lol) and he filled me in on the monstrous rat that was apparently the size of a his arm! It legged it out the front garden into the street then down the alleyway. Eeeeewww :(

So ratty escape over, the cover was swiftly replaced! Pond was dried out, patch repaired and Sean used some baton to make a net to fit over the pond.

I really am disappointed that we’ve had to net it as it ruins the design, but needs must I suppose :(
We are still considering the floating net thing, will have to purchase that I think. Then we can just use this net for the winter.

Mr Heron is still visiting daily, standing on the edge peeking in. We purchased some new fish at the weekend so hopefully they’ve been teasing him! No more fishy breakfasts here :)

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It looks brilliant and the net frame looks quite good too! Glad you've got some new fish and glad it was repairable (when our original pond leaked we had to reline it and since then I've enlarged the pond twice!! :))

25 Apr, 2016


Thank you Dan :) I was dreading having to reline ours, would've been a massive job! Wow you've enlarged yours twice! Have you got many fish then? We want a few sturgeon but as they get huge we will need another bigger pond. So my other half has set his sights on my patio, decided he wants to use that as a base for a MASSIVE wooden pond! We saw some yesterday that look like swimming pools :) I could swim with the fish!!

25 Apr, 2016


I've about 16-19 a mixture of goldfish and koi. I want a sterlet or sturgeon too! But nt much pond Space still!

25 Apr, 2016


The net does not look unsightly Lily and lets face it the fish are more important, has the frame been made so that you can lift it off when in the garden, we did that when our bottom pond was first dug out as it was originally the fishpond but son talked me into helping him buy the one that is now for the fish up nearer the house.
I have already mentiond the web netting on previous blog....

25 Apr, 2016


have you thought of a wire frame that sits just below the wter level. then you can't see it and heron wont be able to get at the fish. I've seen this somewhere but cant remember where.

26 Apr, 2016


Lincslass - yes the frame is removable, I take it off whenever I'm out there! Seaburngirl - no I didn't think of that, I will have to look on good old google and see if I can see anything, thanks :)

27 Apr, 2016


You've certainly worked hard. it is a very contemporary looking pond area and very attractive.
I'm glad your rat disappeared, unfortunately, our problem isn't going away as the rats and mice are living under next door's decking areas.

27 Apr, 2016


We had a problem with our pond two years ago. One expert wanted £700 to fix it ( new liner etc), and I didn't think at our age it was worth doing that. Another took one look and fixed it for £2. It's still going strong, (touch wood). Other Half usually fixes any problems as he set up the pond in the first place, but couldn't find the problem this time!

Lily: have you ever had problems with grass snakes in the pond? I have actually seen fish fry being chased by one. Had a job catching the snake and depositing it back on the heath.

1 May, 2016


Thank you Paulspatch, yes it's been very hard work but the end product made it worthwhile. Eeeeeek rats and mice coming from next door, that is awful!! Eirlys - no grass snakes here luckily! Closest thing to a snake in my garden is the ever growing slow worm family living in my compost area. Some of them are like baby snakes!

6 May, 2016

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