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how did it get to october


october, i have still plants in the garden that have not bloomed yet, i do not want first frost yet. why does everything go so fast these days? i bought a plastic poly tunnel for the back garden and we put it up next to the greenhouse, i planted salad leaves, cabbage, spinach and winter lettuce. i moved my seedlings in and my plug plants all ready to go through the winter, lovely, i was pleased and quietly smug!. saturday arrived with strong winds forecast in the north,( i live in norfolk), i said to my husband, we will have to check the poly tunnel today, yes he grunted and went back to putting some shelves up in the bed room, i carried on with the washing up. there was suddenly a large gust of wind and i watched my poly tunnel take flight and position itself on my neighbour’s washing’s gone i shouted and we both dived out the front door(i have no back door). my husband ran round to our neighbour and knocked on their door to ask permission to go into their garden but no-one answered so there we were my husband in our neighbour’s garden and me in our’s, trying to stop the thing going further and pull it back into our garden. i had my slippers on and i had been digging out bind weed and nettles out of what would be a new plot, you quessed it, down i went backwards into the hole rolled twice and disappeared under the polytunnel. it is badly mangled some of the joints are broken and i lost a lot of plants and seedlings and all the lables are all muddled up, but my husband thinks he can fix it, so we will wait now until spring to try again which i knew deep in mind that i should have done in the first place

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Oh what a shame Lemondog,gales are always a worry in October aren't they ? At least it isn't you with the broken joints lol !!
Get him indoors to buy you some new slippers :)))

5 Oct, 2009


Hear Hear !!!Aster
When I read it quickly I thought it was you Lemondog who got badly mangled and had broken joints !!!!! lol.
Thankfully not :

5 Oct, 2009


Oh Dear! Should'nt laugh really but I have this vision of the howling wind, hubby looking over the fence in horror and you on your derryaire in a hole showing off your smalls. Sorry :o))))

5 Oct, 2009


Sorry I'm giggling too - hope everything can be rescued for the spring!!

5 Oct, 2009


Oh dear I was going to say how sorry that this happened but I can now see your muddy rear in the air thanks to bobg? Hope you are now recovered and seeing the funny side too.

5 Oct, 2009


Oh sorry but i did laugh at the mental picture i got from this blog...glad you are ok tho Lemondog, sorry about the polytunnel tho, treat yourself to some new slippers if you can find any that is, i need some now can i find any? why are slippers only around at Christmas (oops said the C word sorry!)

5 Oct, 2009


Sorry to hear about your plastic greenhouse but I had to laugh at the mental picture I had of you falling down the hole :o)

6 Oct, 2009

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