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I love gardening but don't know as much as I would like to know. I have 3 acres of land in the Scottish countryside. I have an area of about half an acre which is wooded. Planted 5 years ago, another area with about 40 pine trees planted over the last 5 years, an area with about 30 mixed fruit trees planted about 3 years ago, two smallish borders of about 15 feet by 3 feet each, a native hedge that runs from the top of the property to the bottom and then along half of the bottom edge.
I have lived in Houston for the last three and a half years and a gardener has looked after it now I am back and it is myself and husband who have to do the work. My husband is interested but knows a lot less then I do (he thought my broccoli plants were lavender because I told him I had potted up some lavender, they are in other pots)
Next year I would like a large veg garden at the moment I have runner beans and broccoli growing in pots on my deck

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