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13 on 13th or I'll teach you a lesson;-)


By kasy


I got home on Saturday after work and my 6th instinct told me to go out and check plants in my garden. I always trust my intuition – it didn’t fail me this time either.
Look what I found on my lilies!!!!
How many can you count?

I have counted 13 of them on just 2 lilies!!! GRRRRR!!!!
So they spent a night in an enclosed cosy place together and on Sunday (13th of May) I decided to take them somewhere nice. As you know from my previous blog I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
a little reminder:
Since it was my day off and I the weather was finally better I decided to go for a little trip.
And take my 13 with me.
Why don’t we go somewhere nice and learn a bit of history of Wales.
I only came to live in UK in 2006, Lily Beetle ancestors come to UK in 1940’s so we have a lot in common as you can see.
OK – let’s go. Before we leave let’s take a picture of the front ‘garden’

So where to? We’ve been to Usk Castle not long time ago so the next place of interest would be….
Raglan Castle.

Raglan Castle is one of the last true castles to be built in Wales. Its construction began in the 1430s by Sir William ap Thomas, the Blue Knight of Gwent who fought at the Battle of Agincourt with King Henry V in 1415. He was responsible for building the Great Tower at Raglan, which became known as the Yellow Tower of Gwent.
We enter (and pay for the tickets) by the White Gate

The true castle is surrounded by the moat

Walking around the moat – view at the surroundings and South Gate

Ok – let’s explore inside the Castle.
The South Gate takes us to the Fountain Court and to the principal apartments.

We are inside the castle. But lets check the hexagonal Great Tower first.

Narrow ang dark stone steps will take us to the top.
Few windows to brigthen our way.

bit of a climb up – but it was really worth it.
I simply said – O WOW!

But hey!!! Do you remember why we are at Raglan Castle today?
Yes – the 13!!! I think it is time to let them free, wouldn’t you say? It must be tough to live in such a limited space.
Let’s take the cover off.

But wait!!! there is some tourist coming up – let’s quickly put the cover back and hide them. Some poeple already think I’m crazy taking too many pictures, lol.
So I’m sorry guys – it’s not your time yet. Let’s have a look around while we are on the top of the Tower.
View at The Great Gatehouse.

And closer zooming in to get a better view at the gargoyles (I want a better lense!!!)

I think we spent enough time here – let’s go down and see what’s interesting on the other side of the castle.
crossing the Bridge.

But hey – what’s that noise? Who are those people?

Did they use a Time Machine to get here? lol.
Ok, where to next?
So called Grand Staircase recently restored. Who’s climbing up with me? It’s worth it, come on!

Views over the Monmouthsire.

Looking around – view at Long Gallery

a detail on the wall – the remains of the ornate Renaissance fireplace

bird’s eye view at Fountain Court and entrance

One more attempt to Free The Thirteen;-)

Noone around – so off you go guys!

Hope you like it better here than in my garden.
And you learnt your lesson – don’t go back. Leave my lilies alone!!!
Sooo windy up here – let’s go down.
Bit more of Welsh landscapes.

For a change let’s look up from a ground level

Mentioned few times the Fountain Court – here it is:

In the Kitchen – 2 big fireplaces:

Can you imagine how hard the life was back few hundred years ago?

How did we cope even few decades ago without the internet, lol

I am glad this is a part of the history now, lol

End of the visit – thank you for joining me. I’ll definitelly come back one day. Hope you enjoyed it.
oh, well
one more look at the Castle on our way back.

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thats a lovely blog kasy, i like the history bits you put in but i just LOVE those pictures through the archways ~ absolutely gorgeous.
i am amazed you took those beetles all that way ~ what a journey!!! i dont think they will come back!!!! hope you didnt put your sandwiches in that box too by mistake!!!

love the castle and those golden rape seed fields are beautiful. i think you went there at the right time of year!!

18 May, 2012


Goodness! I passed this castle a few weeks ago and never guessed it was as big as that! It looked quite small from the lane I was on. What a lovely day out. But those lily beetles - if they only eat lilies they will either have to find someone else's to chomp on or else starve to death (sorry to rain on your parade...)

18 May, 2012


Thank you ladies. I have seen few pictures on the internet taken in spring few years ago - and wanted to go there at the same time of the year. I love to learn about new places I am visiting - wanted to put more information about the castle, but maybe next time. It was very windy on that day, I haven't seen everything I really wanted.
Steragram - I was also surprised to see how big the castle was.
I am sure those beetles will find their way to somebody's elses garden. Or to a garden centre - there are few around, lol.

18 May, 2012


So you released there spirits of 12 Knights of Round Table and King Arthur :))) What a privilege to carry them...:)

18 May, 2012


Glad they were not heavy Katarina. Will I get a medal? lol

18 May, 2012


Katarina what have you been drinking??

18 May, 2012


A mineral water. Why?

18 May, 2012


Kasia@You will get Golden Bug meal :)

18 May, 2012


A great blog Kasy, I've always enjoyed exploring the old castles and learning of the history, your photo`s are really good.
Thank goodness you found those pesky beetles, they would have made a right mess of your lilies...

18 May, 2012


The beetles needed squashing...not relasing...

18 May, 2012


That was interesting. I love seeing historic places like that. The views were fantastic too :o)
I hope the beetles don't fly back to your garden Kasy ....

19 May, 2012


Kasia@sorry, I noticed that "d" dissappeared somewhere in my previous comment. Of course, it should have been Golden Bug Medal :)). Now I will be twice accused of being drunk.
Although....when I thought about it, it wasn´s so far from true. Those 13 spirits you carried in lunchbox,,,,lol.

19 May, 2012


I think with the height and prevailing winds those chaps stand a very good chance of gliding back right to your garden ; )

just to add a couple of bits of historical interest, the castle was one of the last places to go in the civil war under fairfax and the internal tower with a moat was the last refuge in case of attack and the safe room at the bottom still has the original stone toilet, nearly used it when i was there ; )

19 May, 2012


too much information!!!!!!

19 May, 2012


lovely blog Kasy, great views and that castle is amazing....

19 May, 2012


Sorry Katarina - a play on words, spirits meaning soul or ghosts and spirits meaning strong alcohol. Ignore me.

19 May, 2012


Thank you all for your nice comments. The castle is really interesting.
Katarina - I wouldn't mind a Golden Meal, lol.
Re beetles: I just couldn't kill them - have you heard the noise they are making? sort of when branches of the tree are moving when it's very windy, lol.
Stevie - there is a gliding school near Usk - so you never know.... And thanks for a little history lesson - I just wanted to press the 'Publish' button as soon as possible, lol.
Actually there is a whole in the wall by the moat - with some steps in it. Is that the 'toilet' you are reffering to?
Steragram - sometimes I keep thinking the same - what Katarina has been drinking, lol.
No offence Katarina - just joking:)

19 May, 2012


yes it was kind of like a stone shoot, thing is that room would have been the last refuge with all the remaining people left in there under attack as a kind of panic room ''oh well time for one last ****''

19 May, 2012


meal?? was that what you meant stevie??

19 May, 2012


Stevie, I have to confess that once I did use one of those stone toilets!
No one about and I was desperate... Just call it historical re-enactment!

19 May, 2012


Stevie - are those your last memories from your previous life? lol -
-'and then the arrow pierced his heart. He looked at it calmly and thought to himself - is this the end??? What about my pigs, who would take care of my......... And then the darkness surrounded him like a worm blanket...'
Sticki - you can't talk about food on his page - but he is feeling free to sneak that word anywhere else, lol. Reminds me I need breakfast, haha
Steragram - as long as you have a good excuse you're forgiven, lol. I like yours :)
For those who are going to visit Raglan Castle soon - there are toilet facilities there. And pub nearby, lol.

20 May, 2012


enjoy your breakfast kasy!!

20 May, 2012


Thanks Sticki.
Had my first coffee already - now full of energy - feel like I could move mountains today, lol.

20 May, 2012


oh my! well dont go taking away any of those lovely hills you can see from your garden!! unless you move them nearer to you!!!

20 May, 2012


Haha Sticki - well - I wouldn't mind to move Sugarloaf bit closer. Plan B would be to win a lottery and buy a property with the view over it, lol.

20 May, 2012


are we into robin hood now??
yep time for breakfast, just need a **** first ; )

20 May, 2012


well - why not Stevie. Have a nice one;-)

20 May, 2012


I have just seen this. Sorry to be more moved by your story of the beetles than the history of the castle. Kasy i hope you have been keeping an eye on your lilies. The adults lay up to 450 eggs and you have just released 13 of them. They don't apparently attack day lilies but they do attack fritillarias, oriental lilies etc. Do read both the articles on the links given below and I hope in future you can bring yourself to drop those pretty little thugs in to a pot of soapy water instead of spreading them around.

8 Jul, 2012


Enjoyed your tour of Raglan Castle kasy! Very interesting. It's hard to imagine people actually living there - no internet! Did they even have hot and cold running water? Love the beautiful rolling green landscape.

30 Nov, 2013


Glad you liked it Bathgate. I am sure the owners had more comfortable life than their servants, lol

1 Dec, 2013


Bathdate, they had a well in the courtyard. the servants drew water, heated it up and possibly ran with it, so i suppose a few of them did have hot running water???

2 Dec, 2013


Yes Steragram you're right - there is a huge well and two big fireplaces in the kitchen. So according to what you're saying they had hot (up) running water? Like servants running up the stairs with hot water? lol

2 Dec, 2013

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