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Our new house was built in 1936.
It lies in a village in Jutland, Denmark, near the main street in the village.

The garden has three different zones:

The Front Garden
It has a small front garden with two trees symetrically placed to each side of the stairs leadning up to the front door.

The back garden
At the back of the house is a piece of ground of about 500 square metres with a lawn, a small greenhouse and a flag pole. Danes tend to love their flag and on certain days of the year, on peoples birthdays and if someone dies – people put up flags to celebrate or to show compassion for their neighbours.
We have not had a flagpole before, so this will be a new thing to remeber for us.

The Bottom Garten
Anyway – from the back garden 17 steps leads 4 or 5 metres down to the bottom garden which consists of a piece of land of about 800 square metres surrounded by trees to the south and west and of slopes to the north and east.
I hope this will be a place well protected aganinst the wind and yet sunny most of the day.

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This looks a lovely house and gardens with lots of potential.
The flag pole idea sounds really interesting.

Welcome to GoY.
Enjoy :o)

7 Mar, 2009


Oh, thank you!!
Amasing getting such a speedy response on my block
I have shared some gardening experiences on a Danish site but thought it would be fun and interesting sharing ideas with people in other countries, too.
I also hope to expand my English garden vocabulary this way.
I will have a look at your blog as soon as possible.

Any ideas on how to make the steep slopes useful??

7 Mar, 2009


There are lots of things you could do - terrace them if at all possible, or grow things that drape gracefully down, like Cytisus species, some Vincas, a prostrate Juniper, oh, and lots of plants with 'repens' after their name - like Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens.

I was wondering how you manage to get a wheelbarrow up or down those steps!!!

Anyway, welcome from me as well.

Your English is excellent already!

7 Mar, 2009


Hi welcome to GOY love your garden & house.

7 Mar, 2009


Spritzhenry and Marquerite

Thank you for your kind advice and inspiration -
Taking over this garden is like getting a blank canvas - I will take my time to think and explore different possibilities. But terassing is definitly a possibility.

I focuss on the slopes because I am leaving a small flat and square garden - I loved it but now I want a more challenging garden where I hope to stay for the rest of my life.

The wheelbarrow is a problem - I can go round 3 or 4 houses, enter a pathway through the area with trees and enter my garden from the bottom. The exercise is nice, but time comsuming - - I guess I will build a shed for storing some garden tools in the bottom area of the garden. :-)

Marquerite - let's make an "owners of sloping gardens - club" - I put you on my favourites list to see what you do on your hillside.

7 Mar, 2009


Welcome to GOY Your garden looks a good size

7 Mar, 2009


Ahhh how great to have a blank canvas! Good luck with it and will look forward to seeing the progress.

7 Mar, 2009


Ahhh how great to have a blank canvas! Good luck with it and will look forward to seeing the progress.

7 Mar, 2009


Hi Johannah good luck with the garden you will certainly get good advice and knowledge on this site look forward to seeing your garden develop ... I was in Denmark for a short period just outside Ballerup , it is a beautiful country not unlike Scotland in many ways.

7 Mar, 2009


Agree with Spritz about the slopes.You could also try a couple of prostrate rosemaries,which would also smell good by the side of the steps,as you brush past them.!

7 Mar, 2009


Hello Johannah.....Welcome to GoY! Your new house looks very interesting, and the garden, great on different'll always have a view of some part of it. Each piece could be done as a different room for a different Spritz says terracing would be wonderful with a pond on one level with water trickling from the level above.

7 Mar, 2009


Hi, and another welcome. You have a big garden. It will be interesting to watch as it developes. I like the shape of your house.

7 Mar, 2009


Hello and I loved seeing your house. We were in Denmark in the 80's. we went to Ribe, Silkeborg and Arhus and really had a wonderful time. Are you near to them.
Your garden looks wonderful, i hope you have a great time in it and find us at GoY helpful.

7 Mar, 2009


It's a very attractive looking house and what great space you have to plan with! I won't suggest plants etc because don't know anything of your local climate or soil, but I hope you have a great time planning and wotrking on the garden anfd look forward to seeing your progress updates.

7 Mar, 2009


I am completely overwhelmed by all this response. Thank you so much all of you. It will be a pleasure to share my garden experieces with you, discuss plans and share my doubts about what to do and also interesting and inspirering to see your different gardens develop.

What an amazing community you have built.

I have put some more information in my profile about my gardening interests.

Højslev is in the north west of Jutland - near a town called Skive. It is about 90 kilometres north of Århus.
I think the climate is almost the same - maybe a bit colder than Kent or Somerset - places I have visited in UK. Summer: 20-25 degrees Celcius. Winter: -5 to 5 degrees Celcius - some winters are mild and short - others are not.

I shall have a closer look at the blogs of each of you as soon as possible. The rain has stopped, so I think I will go and do some gardening.

8 Mar, 2009


Hi Johannah....I'm a bit late but welcome to GOY. Your home is lovely and you have a lovely garden to work with. I will look forward to seeing photos of your progress. :o)

13 Mar, 2009

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