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Rain and wind


By joey


The weather is coming into my garden sideways today! But on the up-side the clematis montana is looking fabulous and has really shot off as has my jasmin.

At long last I have some new growth in my wildflower patch. I know that it wasnt going to be an instant thing but it has been achingly slow to get off the ground. A couple of poppies, some wild pansies, oxeye daisies and another that I can’t quite identify – any ideas gratefully received!

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Hi Joey, that looks like a rhodedendron in bud , but I may be wrong!
Windy in my garden too see my blog.

22 Aug, 2007


Joey - does that flower belong to the plant? also, what size is it - buds, leaves etc. It's a very clear photo but I can't get any idea of how big it is. P.S. Watch those Ox-eyes, they seed themselves everywhere, especially where you don't want them!

22 Aug, 2007


Sorry - forgot to say that our weather has changed for the better from yesterday, and we have had blue skies and wall-to-wall sunshine!!! (That's just to make you jealous).

22 Aug, 2007


Hi both, I know it looks like rhodo buds but I am sure that wouldnt have been in my mix seed pack! The plant is knee height and the buds a couple of inches long. The flower does belong to the plant but I am not sure how big any of them will get.
Spritz, thanks for the warning. I cleared an area just for wildflowers at the far end of my garden so I am hoping they spread a bit... but I will keep an eye out! Oh, and I wish the sun would shine - all the lights are on in the house and I am tempted to put on the heating!!

23 Aug, 2007


I've been looking through wild flower books, and while I still can't identify this mysterious plant, the buds and leaves look so much like Evening Primrose. Without the flower, that's what it looks like. However, I have a very knowledgeable friend in the village, and I will ask her...she identified one for me, so fingers crossed! (Weather still beautiful)

24 Aug, 2007


Hi Joey. I have still to take my laptop up the lane to show my friend your photo of the 'mysterious plant'. However, in the meantime I found a wild Evening Primrose plant and took its photo! I will post the results on my page for you to look at. I still think they are very alike, buds and leaves and size of plant. Please let me know when you've looked at them so I can delete them!

30 Aug, 2007


Hi again! Well, I took the laptop up the lane, and my friend confirmed that your plant is indeed a variety of Evening Primrose - yes, there is a pink one - usually grown as a garden plant but does occasionally escape into the wild. Mystery solved! Hooray!!! :-D

31 Aug, 2007



31 Aug, 2007

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