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Just a quick word to say that on Saturday i went out in the garden and i realised that our lovely pet Thumper was no longer with us we are all very shocked as we had him in the house for hours the day before and he seemed very happy and lively, he was so young and i had got used to him nibbling on all my plants and veggies. we will miss him lots and lots.

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So sorry to hear of this news,Jewells.our elderly rabbit is looking so fragile..she is 12 years old,and struggling..fur loss,and haunted look in her eyes.All you can do is to know that she/he had the best possible life with you,and was happy right up to the end.Has to be worth a lot

1 Feb, 2009


Oh Poor Thumper. I'm glad he had a good last day with you all inside. Thinking of you all. :o(

2 Feb, 2009


Oh dear, how sad! I hope he didn't suffer. I will be thinking of you and your family.

2 Feb, 2009


Very sad news - I am sorry, Jewells. You'll miss him.

2 Feb, 2009


What an awful shock for you. I'm so sorry to hear of it. It's so sad when a pet dies.

2 Feb, 2009


That's such sad news. Thumper was a very special rabbit, and you obviously loved him very much.

You'll have so many happy memories of him to look back on.
You gave him a very good life.
Jewells ~ my thoughts are with you. xxx

2 Feb, 2009


Sad loss Jewells. Always sad to lose a pet. Nice that he was in with you the day before.

2 Feb, 2009


Sorry to read of your loss Jewells. Our pets are so precious. I have lost a few good furry friends over the years so I understand. You never lose the memories.

2 Feb, 2009


poor old Thumper.He enjoyed his life, nibbling your plants.

4 Feb, 2009


That's so sad Jewells........hope you are okay.

5 Feb, 2009


sorry to hear about thumper, its not easy when you loose a pet

29 Jun, 2009

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