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By jewells


hi everyone. not really a blog just wanted to say that i really enjoy this site i have never done anything like this before and i love it.I haven’t been on for a while life seems so hectic at the moment, but when i want to switch off i then pop on here and its lovely to read and comment and generally converse with people who have the same mad passion as me. I am no expert in the garden but i am very thrilled with what i have achieved so far, this from someone whom did not know anything about gardening a few years ago. What i love about gardening is you never stop finding out new imformation and never can say “i know it all” in my case i definately not.This hobby fascinates me from growing plants from seed to watching them shine when grown, and yes i am one of the nutters who will on occasion talk to my plants!! how sad am i.Well being a mother of three girls i sometimes need someone to talk to who wont answer back ha ha . Well my veggie patch is looking great a bit overgrown as i have some parsips in which i think are going to be big enough for giants to eat. Tomatoe plants which are im sure fighting for who has the biggest fruit. I have a greenhouse also which i am trying to take cuttings of various shrubs etc. The garden itself is lovely lovely a little scragly now but hopefully its the weekend soon and i will be able to get out there and sort it a little. Thanks again people.

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I think many of us share your sentiments. My garden's a bit straggly too. It's a little saddening to see the flowers that were so good a few weeks ago, now past their best and dieing off. The good thing is that as some fade other new ones come into their own. Continue to enjoy your garden and this site.

22 Aug, 2008


With a family as well, it's not surprising that you're too busy to log on very often - but just join us when you can! Other things often come first, after all. BUT give yourself what they call 'me time' won't you! We all need it.

22 Aug, 2008


Mines also got that straggly look Jewells , I hate cutting down all the dead stuff because of the gaps it leaves ,I never have enough pots to stand in to fill them , :D

22 Aug, 2008

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