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Largish garden (rented) but surrounded by 10ft leylandii hedge and large ash trees on North border so quite shaded and dries out a lot 'coz of roots.
This is my third year of being a part-time gardener for local ladies and 5th year part-time in small plant nusery. So experience growing as years go by.
I usually don't end up growing as much veg as I'd like due to lousy site and spring time I'm really busy workwise but got unusual decorative plants as Southon Plants where I work specialises in rare and unusual perennials.

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  • Dierama mossii
  • Narcissus pseudonarcissus (Narcissus pseudonarcissus (Daffodil))
  • Trachystemon orientalis (Trachystemon orientalis)
  • Trachystemon orientalis (Trachystemon orientalis)

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