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A Big Thank You


By jacque


Been a member of GOY since Feb08 now & iv made some great friends& had Fab advice&help:) Just want 2 make sure YOU ALL KNOW HOW GRATEFUL i am for the Seed Swaps & Plants that Janette & Majeekahead(Ang) have posted2me as a GIFT ,With out all this help im sure my GARDEN WOULD TAKE 100 YRs 2 get so many Flowers/Plants ect So again THANK YOU XXX

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Glad to be of some help thats what gardening is all about never yet met a gardener who wont help others with some cuttings or seeds Happy gardening

26 Mar, 2008


I agree Jacque its great here isn't it. I've just had some really good advice about my miscanthus, can't believe how helpful and knowledgeable everyone is, I feel very privileged to be a member

26 Mar, 2008


X Big Hug Running 4 u Buzzbee lol

26 Mar, 2008


Ditto the above Jacque. You are a good mixer and get people talking...Your enthusiasm is infectious...
Gardeners love to share...I'd get in trouble trying to send you seeds...but I would if I could. Keep posting!

26 Mar, 2008


Jacque, You are a wonderful asset to this site. I always look forward to your blogs and comments. For sure, your personality and enthusiasim is TRULY infectious.

27 Mar, 2008


AAAAaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww bless your hearts i wasnt Blogging2 say THANK YOU 2 receive such truely lovely Comments,How Great i feel NOW ; ) lol Big Blue Hairy Hugs 2 ALL :)XXXXXXX

27 Mar, 2008


Ditto from Grenville and Alan, down here in good old Bristol!!!

Lots of love and you are a great member of G.O.Y

28 Mar, 2008

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