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By jacque


Lots of GOY Members Know That we have a Few Gardens that have/are going 2 be on UK TV !!! Myself for 1 being very Excited Knowing these Members have asked them 2 Sign Gardening Books for ME :)

For Grenville/Alan

Because its so Suitable 2 what theyv Achived in SUCH A SMALL AREA :)

For Fourseasongardening

Because Its ENGLISH :)

Ok Ok !!! i know their Not Film Stars But Their Fab Every Day People i know who have done a Fantastic , Wonderful Job In My Eyes & 2 have Books Signed for Just Me Is A Gift not every 1 gets ;) Many many Thanx Greville/Alan & Fourseasongardening for Making this Blog & The Book Signing Possible :) & 1 day who knows you may be signing your Own Published Books ;)XXXXX

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yes i agree Jac, well done to both of you, and also a big praise going to Spritz, who got in the yellow book this year! xxxxx

25 Nov, 2008


Yes Again Well Done Spritz for Achiving Your Rightful Place In The Yellow Book Of Gardens XXX

25 Nov, 2008


Hi, Well done everybody, Congraulations, your efforts have paid off. It's got to be a Win, WIN situations that's really super.We will all benefit from what you have acheived.
Love Marge

25 Nov, 2008


Hi Jacque,
It's very kind of you to write this Blog.

We will be so delighted to sign your book.

Hopefully, our tiny garden inspires other folks, and the garden also raises a lot of money for charity.

We have met some wonderful people since we started to open it, and have received some very special emails and letters about our tiny space.

Its also a great pleasure to be members of this site and also join in the humour to try to lift everyones spirits!

It's been a magical journey.

With love and best wishes and.........happy gardening!

Grenville and Alan.

25 Nov, 2008


Well done Jacque ~
You'll take the books on the Antiques Road Show in a few years from now and they'll be worth THOUSANDS OF POUNDS,having such famous GoY signatures, but you won't part with them because they have such sentimental value. :o)

25 Nov, 2008


Ah, yes, we bask in their reflective glory, don't we Jac! x-D

Just think, if you wanted to get a book signed by all the GoY members, it would be flying all over the world!

25 Nov, 2008


Sentimental Obects are Priceless like u say TT :) Im off 4 an early Nite as i want 2 browse these New Books i brought2day :)

25 Nov, 2008


Oh Jacque its still only November and here you are all excited like its Christmas.Love it - happy reading.

25 Nov, 2008


Nite Bonk :) lol

25 Nov, 2008


Hi Jacque
As we said before, we'd be honoured to sign your book - you inspire so many people on this site.

My husband and I share a passion for gardening - we have a great partnership and are delighted that our garden has given so much pleasure to so many people, and has help so many worthwhile causes.

Perhaps, when we retire, we will write a book..... maybe!

Best wishes and good night.

25 Nov, 2008


Well done Grenville / Alan, Fourseasongardening and Spitz for their wonderful gardens. Congratulations for a job Very Well Done.
And congratulations to everyone on GOY for getting out there and creating in their own spaces. Whether it is big or small, a masterpiece or a work in progress, creating a garden helps to beautify the world and bring peace to the mind and spirit. :o)

26 Nov, 2008


Gilli ~ You are so right.
What a wonderful variety of gardens and gardeners we have on GoY.
I reckon Jacque could write a book herself - hedgehogs, garden projects, Yes and No Cows.
Jacque's book would be great !
Jacque ~ Did you enjoy your bedtime reading ?

26 Nov, 2008


Morn TT Books are great so glad i got them :) So many Beautiful Gardens in the English Private Gardens i just want2see them all now :) & The Creating Small Gardens has given me some fab ideas ;) Im sure Grenville/Alan & FSG/Hubby will enjoy them 2 ;) Not that they need any Books 2 Show Them how 2 create Beautiful Gardens:)

26 Nov, 2008


Hi jacque i also hope you enjoyed reading your books, & also congrat's to Spritz, Granville & alan, 7 fourseasons.

26 Nov, 2008


Thanks all - having been on London clearing Mum's flat, it was lovely to come back and read this.

Jacque - you are a star! You cheered me up by writing this blog.

27 Nov, 2008


More Than Welcome Spritz But I believe Yourself ,Grenville/Alan & Fourseasongarden/Family are the STARS in this Blog ;)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

27 Nov, 2008

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