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Pigeon Wont Bath ????


By jacque


Now This Looks Good!! Its Clean & Just the Right Dept!!! Now to Check The Temperature???

BBBBBBBBBBBBbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Its Frrrrrrrrrreeeezzzzzzzzzzzzing :/
Im not Bathing In There

Hey You Jacque How About Some Warm Water Out Here ????

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That just about sums us all up dosn,t it ...... we are all pretty stupid when it comes to animals aren,t we LOL ....... they are not so dumb ~~~

6 Nov, 2008


Oh, Jacque, that was lovely - it really made me smile!

BTW, did you get the warm water???

6 Nov, 2008


Glad u liked it Spritz :) iv been so fed up2day not being able2get in2 Garden so i took some pics & came up with this lol :) & No Poor Pigeon Didnt Get His Warm Water lol :)

6 Nov, 2008


Never get sick of watching the birds Jacque..always something new to see.

6 Nov, 2008


i know what u mean Bonkers :) Its great isnt it :)

6 Nov, 2008


Thanks for the laugh Jacque :) love this little blog

6 Nov, 2008


Your Welcome Janette :) I thought some GOY members might like it :)

6 Nov, 2008


Was he waiting for you to break the ice ?
I think he was waiting for his turn.
According to your photos, this looks like pigeon no.7.
He was waiting for six others to take their baths first. :o)

6 Nov, 2008


lol good blog jacque and photos are great

6 Nov, 2008


Thanx every 1 for all the Lovely Comments:)

6 Nov, 2008


Hi Jacque... can't believe you didn't nip out with a kettle full of warm water!

6 Nov, 2008


They make me laugh as such cant be bothered birds,
Cant be bothered to fly cant be bothered to build a proper nest a pile of twigs often in the silliest place and have you seen their young ( squabs ) ?

They got to be the ugliest little creatures when anyone sees young fledglings we go aah - except with baby pigeons.

9 Nov, 2008

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