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The Long,Straight Ugly Garden Path :(


By jacque


Been looking @this Far end of Path for a while now &thinking its got to go has no use & is Ugly :/ Could`nt dig up 8inch thick concret So i had a IDEA! il Place soil on top &plant Flowers ect close to the paths edge which will grow over the Soil & cover it :)so i started 2 Dig Up Grass on the right side

Then made a start on Left side

Nearly there so i kept going haveing breaks here&there of course :)

It looks so much better now its gone,Im going to Plant a Rosemary in here along with Elephants Ears close 2 the Ivy iv already put in :)

Got Bluebells,Whitelion Head Daffs o &much more from other boaders that need their plants splitting :)

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dah dah and the path disappears, great idea jacque, it looks miles better, funny how something can bug you for ages, then suddenly an idea comes into your head from nowhere, i do it a lot, then wonder why i never thought of it before...a big urn in the middle (on the hidden path) would look great and give it height.. Again great idea....Dee..

30 Oct, 2008


Strange u z that Dee as im putting My Bird Bath in Centre of this 2 morw ;) great minds think alike :) lol

30 Oct, 2008


your bird bath jacque, just perfect, youll'e be able to take some great pics of the birds..

30 Oct, 2008


Oh nice Jacque...keep us updated with more photos and thoughts as you go along. I enjoy nothing more than seeing how people transform their gardens. Usually I'll get some gardening ideas in the middle of the night when I can't sleep for some reason. LOL If I don't jot it down I forget them by the next day. ;-)

30 Oct, 2008


It looks great now Jacque. It will look wonderful next year with lots of plants.

31 Oct, 2008


Thanx Hywel :) this Boarder started small in Spring this yr as i didnt have much money2spend on plants ect so i made do how we do lol,& iv disliked this horrid path since i moved in 19months ago ! i dont mind the Lining Line Part but this bit just didnt fit into my Cottage/Wildflower Setting :/ Iv still more2plant but il wait alittle while now for ground2settle :) it rained hard here last nite so that would of helped :) The soil is good Stuff 2 Hywel which is a Bonus :)

31 Oct, 2008


Yes I can see the soil looks really rich and loamy . Your plants should do well there. - How exciting !!

31 Oct, 2008


I agree - looking good, Jacque!
Just a word of caution - don't forget it's still there and try to dig a big hole to plant will jar your whole body, let alone your arms!

31 Oct, 2008


Thanx Spritz :) X

31 Oct, 2008


Good idea Jacque, again well done! Post some pictures next year so we can see how it evolves!

I agree with Dee, I am so glad to read that I am not the only one who suddenly gets inspired with an idea and wonders why on earth I never thought of it before when it is so obvious!!

1 Nov, 2008

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