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Black Birds Fruit Tree


By jacque


This Year i had 2 Broods of Black Birds In the Big Laural Tree @ Bottom Of Garden which is right beside My Cooking & Eating Apple Trees :) So i wonder if these Black Birds in the Photos iv taken 2 day are them all grown up?

As you can see i leave all the Fallen Fruit for them 2 feed on ,they love the apples :)

Some times they cant wait 4 the Yummy Friut 2 fall so they eat them up in the Tree its self :)

Their very Alert Birds & keep their eyes open for any Compertition that may want 2 steal their Dinner :)
I get 4/5 Female Black Birds & 2 males visit my garden every day :)Such a Pleasure 2 see&feed :)

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great to see them in the garden isnt it Jacque and these birds are certainly well feed

30 Oct, 2008


O yes plenty 4 them2eat Eileen :) Iv also had many near misses from these Falling Apples i can tel u ! im sure their out2get me lol

30 Oct, 2008


lol you need a hard hat going out the garden jacque

30 Oct, 2008


Good idea Eileen maybe il wear My Crash Helmet when Gardening lol Thatl give the Neighbours something 2talk about lol :D

30 Oct, 2008


Great photos Jacque and its lovely to see all this wildlife in your garden. xx

30 Oct, 2008


Thanx Grenville/Alan :) im so pleased i get so many Birds/Animals visit me now :) it seems 2 be the In Place2be:) Must be the Star Rating U gave on My Hedgehog Hotel ;) lol

30 Oct, 2008


Jacque, your wildlife photography is almost surpassing your plant closeups - wonderful pics and blog!.

3 Nov, 2008


Thanx David i do enjoy photographing both Subjects so much it just all goes 2gether dont u think :) When i go in2 my garden i always take my Camera lol ,Just in case ;)

3 Nov, 2008


I should start doing that, Jacque. Nearly every afternoon, there is a squirrel or two clambering up the house or sitting on a windowsill shrieking loudly. OMG, do you think that Bb has, indeed, sent some here? Haven't seen any in your camouflage gear, though - yet!

3 Nov, 2008


Sounds like Bonkers has more under cover Squirrels than we thought David :O

4 Nov, 2008

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