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How Many Butterflies???????????


By jacque


Im writting this blog in concern for the Shortage of Butterflies this Yr ! How Many Different Breeds Have U Seen ? Heres A List Along with some Pictures Of Butterflies iv had visit my own Back Garden This Year:

Red Admiral


White Green Veined



Iv read on a Butterfly Site that theres a lot of Worrying going on because of the Shortage ???Type in & search if youd like More Imfo on My Blog

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You are right, Jacque, a lot fewer than usual. I've had the ones you have seen, plus a peacock and the ones I posted photos of earlier this month. I guess there was rain and/or too few flowers when they were trying to lay their eggs - or the wet weather washed the eggs away, i don't really know the reason. There are lots of caterpillars around at the moment, though!

29 Aug, 2008


I have only seen a Red Admiral but on a random oil seed rape plant that has sprung up, self seeded opposite my house there are lots of caterpillars. They are there all day and night just munching away. I must take a photo and may-be someone can tell me what they will be!

29 Aug, 2008


im quite lucky my neighbors butterfly bush hangs right over my fence so i see lots of them but ive noticed that there wasnt as many as last year :-(

29 Aug, 2008


A pair of white butterflies has been fluttering around my gardens all week.

I didn't get close enough to identify them for certain.

My Sedum spectabilis is turning purple, so I hope that will attract butterflies.

This summer's disappointing weather hasn't helped the garden wildlife.

A good blog, Jacque.
Thanks for labelling all the butterfly photos.

29 Aug, 2008


If u visit the Named site iv given @end of the Blog TT ul find a Large Chart there that has all the UK BUTTERFLIES PICTURES & NAMES2 :)

29 Aug, 2008


I've only seen the white ones, and very few of those. I thought it was only here but it seems to be everywhere. I'm feeling rather worried now.

29 Aug, 2008


Thanks, Jacque.
It's useful to know all the UK.butterflies are on that website.

29 Aug, 2008


HYWEL - do not worry please - we can't have that! Don't forget that nature has a way of tipping the balance back. Smile! :-)

29 Aug, 2008


Dont be worried Hywel il feel its my fault if u do that :( Just think of my other blog On the Big Blue Butterfly:) im sure itl all be fine weve got David Bellamy on the case along with Sir Attenbourgh :) How great is that ;)

29 Aug, 2008


super photos jacque, i think i could take pics of our butterflies with an old black & white camera!! lol
nice close up shots, is that using macro ?

30 Aug, 2008


Precious few around here Jacque- even with my butterfly bush in full flower. Very worrying....(great pics though!)

30 Aug, 2008


It's not your fault if I worry Jacque. to tell you the truth I was worried before I read this blog. I feel sometimes they're becoming extinct. and ladybirds aswell. and wrens. I haven't seen one of them for a few years.
Oh dear let's not get too depressed about it.

30 Aug, 2008


No ladybirds around here either Blodyn- a few wrens though.

30 Aug, 2008


I've only seen the white butterflies this year, & like Hywel i've not seen no ladybirds this year either.

30 Aug, 2008


Hi Jacque.
Just a few white butterflies spotted here so far this summer. They are in short supply.
Did you see the programme on B.B.C 's 'Gardeners World' last evening?. It was all about the decreasing numbers of pollinating insects, all due to the loss of wild flowers in meadowlands and breeding spaces due to intensive farming methods and loss of wildlife habitats including our ancient hedgerows. It was a very interesting programme.Lets hope things improve in the future.

30 Aug, 2008


I'm sure half the country's population of whites are in my garden at the moment. On my sprouts to be exact! Joking aside tho, it is really worrying what's happening to our butterflys. My big buddleja used to be covered with them 10 years ago. Numbers have steadily declined and now I get excited if there's 2 or 3 on there. Not good.

31 Aug, 2008


Jacque ~ Im afraid I haven't notice many this year, though that doesn't mean they aren't there. My Grandson is 7 and is very much into insects. So I bought him a butterfly house and we sent away for the caterpillars.
He can feed them, watch as they make their crysylis, and wait for it to open. Then give them a few days to dry their wings and let them go and start all over again. These are monarchs, and everytime I talk to him on the phone he recites the mantra...."Watch them grow, then let them go" Ha Ha

4 Sep, 2008


Harli that's wonderful what you did for your grandson. He'll never forget it.
I'm not in the UK but I've heard here in the States that there have been less butterflies this year in many areas. I'm in the forest, far away from development so the butterflies have been spectacular for me this year. I've had several "yard firsts" ! All in all I've counted 33 different species here in my yard this year !
May I suggest that people in the UK research which butterflies SHOULD be or used to be in your area and then plant their host plant and their favorite nectar plant in you yard. That may help to bring back the numbers. If natural habitat is what's causing their decline, try to help fix that by trying to create or preserve that habitat.
I know drought or too much rain can also cause declines but that should fix itself over the next few years. Spritzhenry is exactly right.

6 Sep, 2008

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