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Collecting Seeds ....


By jacque


Iv been busy last few days looking2 c which of my garden plants are going2seed? i want 2 collect as many as i can 4 next yrs Sowing/Planting as i think some Seeds/Plants can be Expensive 2 Buy & growing your own is nicer right ;)
picked some of these few weeks ago now & their growing away in the Green House so Slugs/Snails dont get2them b4 i prick`m out
I think their growing well & their Mixed Colours (PINK,WHITE) In these2Trays

Also Got some Clary Plants in White,Pink&Dark Purple as u see they`v gone2seed 2 :D
so i got picking b4 they fell2 the ground with all the wind we keep getting

Only get 4 Seeds in Each Pod!!! Couldnt believe that?
These are Pansy Seeds in their Pod

Lots&Lots In Here :)

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aye jacque, ive been going around the garden the last while collecting seeds, its great when you can grow them yourself.
ive given some to my sister as she is just starting to get into this gardening lark and was amazed at how much i grow here myself, saves a fortune on buying seeds.
my foxgloves seeds shot up, wee seedlings now so she took some of them home with her too.

25 Jul, 2008


The foxgloves may not come their true colour from seed. But when they get several inches tall, check the midrib on the back of the leaves - if it's got a purple flush, it's going to have purple flowers; if not, it's a white-flowered plant

26 Jul, 2008


good tip thanks andrew

26 Jul, 2008


We don't have 'automatic' here, Marguerite, it would be good, but no - we usually have to collect seeds or buy packets each year. Me, I must go and collect the seeds of my lovely yellow Aquilegia, I saw that its seed pods were brown yesterday.

27 Jul, 2008

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