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hello everyone. I apologise for my long absense from the forum, but I moved house in the spring. and was quite ill afterwards for a while [O.K now though I have only just got my pc up and running with the new internet connection.
I hope everyone has had a good year of gardening and I will do my best to catch up with everything.

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Sorry to hear you were ill and glad all is well now. What sort of garden have you got now is it still in the same area?

29 Oct, 2010


Welcome back Islander, wondered where you were, glad to hear you are healthy now and will be looking out for blogs and photo`s of your new house and garden. I suspect you have had a busy time getting sorted...
Btw hope you`ll be very happy there.......

29 Oct, 2010


Nice to hear from you~ glad you're feeling better!

29 Oct, 2010


all the best, hope you are better soon and all ready to tackle the new garden? look forward to seeing / hearing about it

29 Oct, 2010


glad you are on the mend ..look forward to some pics of your new garden..

29 Oct, 2010


great to hear your feeling better Islander....are u still on an island? look forward to some pics..:-)

30 Oct, 2010


Welcome back...
the daisy bush you sent me is doing very well. :o)))

30 Oct, 2010


thank you all for the welcome backs.
still on the same island, this new house is one I bought some time ago but it was in a terrible state so i gutted it and almost completely rebuilt it. still a bit of work to do.
some of my earier pics greenhouse, sheds etc were taken in the back garden here in which I did a fair bit of work inbetween building jobs. the front was still a jungle till this year, but i have cut it all down and work will progress on it in the spring . its nice to be back so once again thanks.
Glad to hear your daisy bush is doing well Terra. I have got the golden retriever that was lassies mate now as the family that owned him moved south to Edinbourgh and didn't think he would like city life.
he's very settled with us and lassie is happy with the company

30 Oct, 2010


Good to see you back Islander, hope you are feeling stronger by the day, and are settled now in your new place. Looking forward to seeing future pics...:o)

7 Nov, 2010


Hello Islander,
I was not on Goy in 2010 and have only just come across your lovely cactus picture. I wondere if you still have it and if it is still flowering?

24 Dec, 2014

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