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no more complaining


By irish


i am not gona complain anymore about slugs/snails in my garden even tho they are the bain of my life lol. poor spritz is battling floods while i moan about a wee bit of rain, poor janette’s laptop is broken and doesn’t know when she will be able to get back onto GOY, now that for me would be a nightmare.

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Thanks Irish! I would hate to be without my GOY friends! Poor Janette. She must be feeling bereft without us! We had a long power cut on the 'floods' day - that was bad enough! I have had enough bad westher this week. Unfortunately, as you know from the news, we had a bad day here yesterday again. The storms sent half of one of the big evergreen trees crashing down - across my top border! We have spent an hour pulling the branches upright and wiring them in - but that's just temporary, the tree will have to go in late autumn/winter when my plants are dormant. Now I've got to think what to replace it with! By the way, you can moan about your slugs 'n' snails as much as you like! They remain a MENACE, don't they!

30 May, 2008


they sure do spritz, so far so good with the beer traps, ive caught loads of them now. whats the weather like today for you?

30 May, 2008


We all have our problems and however bad someone else's problems are we still have our own. The best thing we can do on this site is to give "verbal" support to whoever needs it at the time.
I'm sorry to hear about Spritzhenry's tree crashing down. I hope it didn't do too much damage but maybe she can look forward to having some fun choosing something to replace it with later on.
Sorry to hear you're still plagued by snails and slugs Irish. It's an on-going problem isnt it. I have a lovely little blue phlox that I've just planted in my new topsoil and they've already found it and munched away a lot of the buds - the little um.. pests ! : (

30 May, 2008


Guess what? We just got our first rain in the whole of May, so no watering of an evening - at last! Also, we had no slugs/snails in that dry period. Also, I had no 'net access at home for the whole month! With all that, I plumbed the depths but swam back to the surface, and feel good again. Well, now I don't have to spend at least 2 hours watering in the evening, but the slugs are back. I can visit GOY 24/7 again, but no gardening will get done! Everything is relative to something, as they say!

31 May, 2008

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